Cuvintele de apreciere sunt cea mai puternica forta pe pamant !Cuvintele de apreciere sunt cea mai puternica forta pe pamant !
Împărtășiți opinia dvs. despre noi. Descrieți experiența dvs. din timpul lecțiilor. Opinia dvs. este importantă pentru noi.Împărtășiți opinia dvs. despre noi. Descrieți experiența dvs. din timpul lecțiilor. Opinia dvs. este importantă pentru noi.

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351 reviews

לינוי א

We had an amazing experience
They were so nice and help us so much
The best people i ever met!!!!!

oren arbell

Roxana and Jenin the owners were very friendly and kind and gave us a lot of useful information and advice. The pricing is great and it was definitely good value for money with good equipment and a great teacher (Valy) – My son took his first ever snowboarding lessons and in just 3 days was able to snowboard on his own all the way down.


Nous sommes partis pour la 1re fois a Brasov en groupe d’amis. Et équipe formidable. Donne beaucoup de renseignements et de conseils. Équipe très sympathique et agréable. Je retournerai volontiers là bas juste pour eux. Merci

Catalin Ureche

Amabilitate maxima, un nivel de profesionalism desăvârșit, m-au ajutat sa înțeleg exact ce trebuie sa fac pentru a alege corect echipamentul potrivit pentru a ma bucura de fiecare coborâre!
Dl. Janin, un profesionist excepțional! Recomand cu încredere! Înainte sa iti alegi clăparii musai trebuie sa il contactezi!!!
Va mulțumesc!

Eyal Sabach

Good customer, has nice rides to the skiing slopes, good equipment and fair prices.


Great experience, highly recommended and appreciated! We was at the school with our daughters for 5 days and they been thought and supported throughout the process! Great team by dedicated people..our trainers Andrei and Radu were 10 Stars! Beautiful experience for the beginners!!

Michael Fishilevich

חנות השכרת ציוד מאוד מומלצת, כולל בית ספר לסקי. מקצועיים ועוזרים בהכל. משפחה שמנהלת את העסק. כולל הסעות לגונדולה הלוך חזור. ממליצים במיוחד על מדריך אדי.


I had private lessons with Adi, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’d like to highlight the following points:
– He is extremely knowledgeable and quickly taught me the right techniques, helping me improve rapidly.
– We didn’t waste any time; we learned new things swiftly, allowing me to try more challenging slopes sooner.
– As a beginner, I always felt secure.
– Adrian provides precise and effective guidance.
– The entire ski school team is friendly, accommodating, and helpful, addressing individual preferences from initial contact to lesson flexibility, equipment exchange (even mid-lesson), and assistance.
I also compared prices with another ski school, and here they were lower without compromising quality. Thank you! I had a great time and will return.

Yaron K

I had a great time learning to ski at Ski R&J Ski School Poiana Brasov with Roxana and Uriah for 4 days, along with two of my friends. They are very professional, friendly, and patient instructors who taught us the basics of skiing and helped us improve our skills and confidence on the slopes. The ski school is well-equipped, clean, and organized, and the staff are helpful and courteous. The location is also beautiful, and there is a very convenient transport from the rental store to the slope and back. I highly recommend Ski R&J Ski School Poiana Brasov to anyone who wants to learn to ski or improve their skiing abilities in a fun and safe environment.

Iurii Ostrovskii

Отличный сервис , отличные работники !
Спасибо за качественные лыжи и помощь в выборе !
Всем советую !

Padraigh Kinnaird

I have been Skiing for many years and R&J are the best experience I have had hands down.

If you are looking for a professional boot fitter Janin is as good as it gets.

Roxana organised everything for me for a seamless trip and the Ski tuition from Radu was exceptional.

I would give them a 10 Star rating but Google only allow 5.

Alan Bogdanov

R&J ski school is the place to go if your an experienced skier and need a quality rental. I found myself in brasov last minute and other ski rental shops didn’t have what I was looking for. This place had skis for me waxed and sharp. I was able to enjoy my vacation because I had comfortable boots and good skis. The shop gave us a good price for 2 days of skiing. Another bonus was the free taxi that they offer that takes you to the slope and back to the shop. No need to carry heavy equipment. The staff was friendly, helpful, and professional. I recommend this rental place to anyone in brasov.

George Louka

If there was an option for 6 star, i would definitely put it. Very professional and friendly service. Multiple options and professional equipment. The best instructors. And very nice perk that they provide a taxi ride from the rental place up to the mountain!!!!

Rebecca Tyler

My partner and I had the best time learning to ski with Roxane. She is very kind, extremely knowledgeable and an excellent teacher! She took the time to explain things thoroughly and demonstrated all the basics. I’d highly recommend a ski lesson here – all the staff are lovely too!

Boby Robertson

I totally agree with the comment below about wishing we could give R&J six stars on Google! My experience with them during two private ski lessons was excellent. They were highly professional, communication was effortless, and the team was incredibly friendly and welcoming. Andrew, my instructor, was fantastic – experienced, patient, and very encouraging. A big thank you to R&J for providing such a safe and fun experience!

Gregory Thwaites

This was my third time getting equipment and lessons from Roxana and Janin. This place is great. It was my 11-year-old daughter’s first experience of skiing and she had 11 hours of private lessons with Patricia, by the end of which she was a pretty competent skier. Patricia is a great teacher and was perfect for my daughter – kind, encouraging but also pushing her students (gently) when they need it. I had similarly good experiences with other teachers for me and my son in previous years. Moreover, the equipment rental is great and the rides to the ski lift very handy! I wouldn’t consider anywhere else in PB. Strongly recommended!

Michael Fishilevich

My experience of R&J has been excellent.I have come to skiing very late in life and I consider myself very lucky to have found ski instructors that have encouraged me to learn and improve. I have at all times felt safe and secure on the ski slopes with the R&J instructors(Nico last year 2023 and Andrei this year 2024) and this has given me the confidence to keep progressing and improving. The learning experience has been fun. I was very much a beginner in 2023 but this year 2024 I felt like I was really skiing and in felt fantastic. I did not worry for a second as Andrei led me down the slopes this year. It was a brilliant experience for me. I learned a lot from skiing with Andrei and I intend to use that knowledge to become a better skier. The overall service (including ski equipment and the transport (well done Dan) to and from the slopes) was flawless. I really feel comfortable using R&J and I highly recommend their services to skiers of all levels.

Barbara Barbara

Best experience we had in the mountain!
Staff is impeccable and made our holidays very special and unforgettable.
Adi was my instructor and the most amazing and encouraging person, I felt very lucky to have him as instructor and always having the best energy during the days together and all the challenges.
Thanks again Adi and the team for such a great experience! I can’t recommend enough

Rachel Meageen

WOW!! What an incredible service from R&J ski school. We rented equipment for three days, each morning we were greeted by Roxanna and team who were always super friendly! Our stuff was ready for us to put on straight away and then the shuttle car took us straight to the slopes. As soon as we had finished skiing the car picked us up and took us straight back to the shop where the team asked about our day! First time in Poiana Brasov will definitely return and every time we will us R&J’s to hire our skis from. Thank you :))

נוית שמאי

בית ספר סקי הכי טוב בעולם!
היה מעל ומעבר לכל הציפיות שלי!
עוד לפני הטיפול רוקסנה המדהימה והסובלנית ענתה לכל השאלות שלנו ועזרה לנו לתאם מלון ושעות שיתאימו לנו. הגענו ביום הראשון בבוקר משפחה של 5 נפשות, חיכה צוות שלם רק לנו וכל אחד קיבל יחס אישי, וככה במהירות כל אחד קיבל את הציוד המדוייק עבורו.
לבעלי היו כאבים בגלל פלטפוס, ג’נין דאג לו ועשה לו מדרסים מיוחדים כדי שיוכל להמשיך לגלוש. אף מקום בעולם לא היה דואג לו ככה!!!
ובכלל לא התחלתי לדבר על המדריכים, הם פשוט ליוו אותנו, הקדישו לנו את כל תשומת הלב והאנרגיות , דאגו לטכניקה, למקסמם את הזמן, לערך המוסף ולבטיחות. פשוט נפרדנו בדמעות.
הדי – ליווה אותי ואת בעלי, כל כך הרבה ניסיון בהדרכה, היכולת לצקת תחושת בטחון גם בשיפועים קשים, להתגבר עם כל אחד כל מה שעוצר אותו, להשקיע בטכניקה, לגלוש את כל המדרון הפוך בשביל לצלם 🙂
כריסטי- קיבל את הבן 4 שלי, הילד פשוט עזב לי את היד והלך.. ביום השני כבר קיבלתי סרטון שלו גולש. הגישה שלו ולמרות מחסום השפה איפשרה לי לסמוך עליו בעיניים עצומות.
בוגדן- ספורטאי בחסד, החיוך לא יורד לעולם מפניו. קיבל את בן ה 10 שלי שביום השני כבר ירד את ההר. הילד כל כך נשבה אחריו שלא ראיתי אותו 5 ימים.
אורציו- ליווה את בן ה 13 שלי שלקח את אתגר הסנו בורד. למרות שזה הרבה יותר קשה ללמידה, הוא הצליח בזכות ההתמדה והליווי. בסוף היום השני הילד אמר לי , אמא את יודעת שאני אוהב אותו? זה לא משהו ששומעים ממתבגר כל יום.
בקיצור, לא לחשוב פעמיים, זה המקום בשבילכם !
R& j אוהבים אותכם מאוד ונתראה שנה הבאה

Alex Petrescu

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Had the best skiing experience ever. Roxana and her team were so helpful and professional that they by far exceed my expectation. What impressed me more was their professionalism and cordiality. They took good care of us with food recommendations and things to do in Poiana from day 1 to day 3. Mulțumesc mult 🙏😁See you next Year

André Augusto Joel

Not only amazing to learn but to have fun with amazing people!! Also, great equipment to rent!
I loved my snowboard class with Horatiu, very detailed and technique focused!!

George Hertzog Young

Brilliant shop with extremely friendly and accommodating staff. Very reasonably priced and lessons available from great teachers. We had a lesson for 2 with Adi who managed to tutor us both simultaneously even though we had different ability levels. Would highly recommend both the shop for rental gear and Adi for private lessons

Adrian M

It was my first interaction with a ski school and since the very beginning I’ve been warmly welcomed by the friendly and helpul staff, who ensured that I’d have the best experience.
Adrian is an outstanding instructor, who constantly offers top advices in order to perform at a top level. Moreover, he shares his knowledge about the ski ethics which I believe it’s helping me to get a broader and clearer view of this community.
Overall, I’d like to thank the team for the experience and my instructor ( Adrian ) for his guidance !🤠👍

Amit Shimony

Beat ski rental place in poiana brasov!!
Very good staff and pleasant people.
Thanks for all.

Lee Ling Hui

Amazing team of people at R&J. Helpful, friendly and professional. I had Bodgan as my 1-1 ski instructor and he was very experienced, encouraging and patient throughout the 3-day lesson that enable me to progress quickly.

Special shoutout to also the other ski instructors Adri, Horatio and the rest of the people from the ski center that always show up with the best vibes and positive atmosphere every morning. Also thanks to Roxy who was kind enough to lend me her ski jacket as I didn’t have one and there wasn’t any other ski rental available nearby.

We are so grateful to leave Braşov with such memorable and great experience. Mulțumesc! 🙂


Thaam Wei Shan

It was my first time having ski lessons and I have Adri and Lucian as my instructors. I have a good experience and enjoyed skiing during these 3 days.

Roxana is patient and willing to help us on any matters. The Ski school has full ski equipment and we can rent it at there.

I will come back if there is any chance.

Ciaran Daly

Had a great experience renting equipment and taking private lessons with R&J. Adi was a fantastic ski instructor who helped our group of three improve despite us all being at different levels. He particularly helped me improve my parallel skills and also provided lots of confidence to my friend who was terrified of skiing to begin with but happily going down the mountain by the end of our sessions. The shuttle service is also very good given how busy the resort was. My only complaint is about the busyness of the resort, as the long lift queues meant we couldn’t ski for longer – but this was of course nothing to do with the ski school who did their best to get us on the pistes

Frances Belcher

R&J ski school were so helpful and really great from the start of the booking process, right through to skiing lessons.
Myself and my partner are total beginners and spent 4 mornings skiing with Andrei.
He was an amazing teacher, super patient and by the end of our time with him, we were skiing down the mountain.
I would 100% recommend skiing with these guys and a huge thank you to Andrei to all his support and work with us this week.

R Duffield

As a complete beginner, I was a bit nervous about booking my first ski lessons. However, R&J Ski School made everything simple right from the start and were very welcoming/friendly throughout.

They were efficient in a way that meant we were able to get straight out on to the slopes and get the most out of our lessons, which my partner and I had with Andrei (our Ski Instructor). Andrei is an incredible instructor who helped to explain, demonstrate, support, encourage and push our skiing ability further, in a very calm, positive and reassuring manner.

We were able to progress from the beginners’ slope to skiing down from much higher up the mountain, which was an incredibly exhilarating experience and great fun! So much so that we ended up booking an additional ski lesson before we sadly had to leave Poiana Brasov.

I can’t thank Andrei and the rest of the R&J Ski School enough as they were fantastic throughout and I would highly recommend skiing with them in the future!

Peter Plack

Hervorragend!! Top team.Gute Ausrüstung im Verleih. Ich bin vor mehr als 20 Jahren das letzte mal auf Ski gestanden und habe nochmal von vorne angefangen.
Großes Lob für meinen Lehrer Andrej . Ich hatte Einzeluntericht und Andrej hat einen super Job gemacht , immer aufmerksam und ich habe mich jederzeit sicher gefühlt. Nach nur 4 Tagen kann ich nun auf allen Pisten in Poiana allein fahren. Ich kann den Einzelunterricht nur empfehlen.Vielen Dank für die schöne Zeit.

JiaQian Lee

I would give 6 stars if Google allow me to. The instructors are very friendly and professional. I have Bogdan as instructor. He is very encouraging, knowledgeable, patient and funny. 🙂

Roxana, the owner, is helpful and friendly as we asked all sort of questions before /during the lesson. She also replied our email very promptly.

We really enjoyed our 3 days of lessons and hopefully could come back again next time! Thank you R&J!

Grainne O'Connor

Dear Janin and Roxana,

Just a message to thank you so much for our excellent experience with your ski school. Bogdan was our instructor for four days and his attention to detail, patience, wit and kindness went above and beyond. He is a true professional and we cannot speak highly enough about him and you all. I highly recommend R&J ski school to everyone, from beginners to experts. Take good care and very best wishes for 2024.

Sasa, Ema and Grainne

Carmen Spiers

Very friendly and helpful staff. The equipment was waiting for us every morning, ready to go (waxed snowboards). Good prices. Only 2-3 minutes walk from the slopes. However, the place offers free minibus drive to the slopes. We will definitely be going back.

FMR Global

As you start to walk on the way, the way appears” …but the walking is a real pleasure when your steps are made without pain! #Bootfitting
Am descoperit cu bucurie un loc extraordinar, in care te intampina doi oameni deosebiti, cu suflet mare (R&J).
Intr-o lume amenintata tot mai mult de dezinteres si nepasare, aici gasesti oameni cu adevarat rari, pasionati, dedicati, care te trateaza cu profesionalism si nu renunta usor, oricat de mare e provocarea!
Multumesc pentru branturile personalizate si perfect adaptate care au eliminat in termen foarte scurt tot disconfortul asociat incaltarilor preferate!

Carlos Araya corrales

Very good top quality material is located in a very good area near the track great location and above all and very important very good friendly and very nice staff thank you very much ser you soon 🙏♥️

Matias Lanfranco

Excellent Ski School for beginners in ski. Prices are suitable and Roxi is an excellent and lovely instructor!

Kimberly Wong

Super friendly, good value for money, and a 5* service, I would definitely recommend going here for both rental and lessons 👍🏼 We went for 6 days and there were 5 of us. Some had lessons and all used the hire. They have a very efficient shuttle service that picks you up from any of the cable cars/gondolas to and fro the shop.

Oleksandr Yasnytsky

Excellent impression. Excellent equipment. Owners became nearly friends after the lessons and week in Poiana. Next season definitely will come back for equipment and more of lessons. My wife was extremely happy with Roxana. We were allowed to keep equip over nights with us, so a lot of time saved. All the best and lots of snow! Keep going great way!

Darya Oliinyk

I loved this place very very much. We learned how to ski in one day) thanks to all stuff for support and best service ever.

Bogdan Margarit

Great learning experience with Bogdan. Easy reservation on website and quality equipment.

Jacqueline van Alten

Great gear and service. Very kind and helpful people. The shop is not near the piste, but they offer shuttle service whenever you want.

Gary Munitz

My family and I had a great time with R&J. They were very friendly, professional and Roxana was an amazing instructor. Janin met us with coffee at the bottom of the slope. Honestly couldn’t have hoped for a better experience.

Joe Tuckett

R &J did a great job teaching my son (8 years old) to ski for the first time.

After 2 lessons of 2 hours each, my son could ski himself down the Bradul slope (and beyond) without falling over.

Roxana and the team are very responsive to emails and calls. When we arrived each day, they helped us a lot getting into our ski gear and even driving us to the slope before the lessons and collecting us at end of day.

Michal Kafri

I want to highly recommend R&J Ski School because of a lot of things. First, and most importantly are the owners, Janin and Roxanh, very nice, sweet honest people, two professional skiers who employs only professional ski instructors. The equipment is top of the notch and in a very good condition. The ski school is located not too far from the slops and the school has a shuttle that goes on a very frequent basis to and from the slops, which makes it very easy with the equipment. The prices are fair and reasonable. I had a great experience and although I am not a young person I have learned to ski in 5 lessons, and have no doubt that I will return next year to practice and improve what I have already learned. Michal

מעין הולצבלט

Roxana and Janine are so kind and lovely. The equipment is in great shape. Roxana taught us skiing with a lot of patience and with a smile.

mimi cashdan

We had a great time, very good instructors for beginners, highly recommend!


Excellent! I rented my ski gear here, by far the best quality rental gear in the entire resort. The team running the place was very knowledgable and able to properly fit me with everything, they were also funny and friendly as an added bonus! Will definitely be back!

Alexandru Pascu

Very welcoming staff! They are passionate about what they are doing and will offer you the best advice and equipment for rental. Guarded parking lot. By the way, ask for the transportation service to the ski slope.

Regnar Shoko

The best place for learning ski in Poiana Braşov and the instructors are very good with very good English 5 stars

Or Bayo

Great place, great instructors, really nice people and professional.
Had a great time!

yaniv shalem

This is our second time that we are enjoying this amazin school . The owners, Roxana and Jannin, whith their pro instractors, just doing an amazing job with us and the kids. Thank you for making us feel at home. Hope to come back soon

Aishling Burke

The people working at R&J were friendly and professional from the moment we walked through the door. They had us kitted out with good quality skis, poles and helmets in no time at all. We were also able to rent gloves and buy socks when we realised we left ours behind. There’s parking available on the street nearby (24 lei for 24 hours).

R&J have a shuttle bus available to take you to the slopes and pick you up when you’re ready. You’ll be given a choice between Capra Neagra cable car (has a good beginners slope with button lifts at the bottom) or the Kanzel cable car (a bigger choice of lifts to access more of the slopes).

Amichai Pessin

Roxana & Janin are great instructors, helpful and very kind! I definitely would come back, worth every penny!!

Кристина Кузнецова

Wonderful place
competent guys picked up the best equipment, excellent relationship. Would like to go back to them again.

Alexandra M

The instructor was completely desinterested to teach our child anything, he only spent time in line on the phone, and in 2 days with 4 hours he only made 4 to 6 trips with the teleski on Bradul slope. At the end we have been informed that we had to pay also 140 lei for the instructor ski pass! There are many other schools in Poiana – we have seen instructors from Ana Hotels more involved and attentive to teach children how to ski. We shall not come to this school again. Maybe other instructors are better, but we are not willing to risk again our money and our child not to learn nothing more than he already knows.
Later edit – they called us to clarify the situation, this is why i have added two more stars.

Sorana Toma

We had a great experience at Roxana’s and Jenin’s ski school! My 4 year old son discovered skiing for the first time with Roxana and Nicu, and really loved it!
They managed to make it fun for him to ski 2 hours in a row, and after 2 days he was almost independently skiing down the slope!
But most importantly, he really liked his instructors and had fun skiing, for which I am extremely grateful to both of them! And to the entire team for their flexibility and professionalism. We look forward to coming back next year!

Anna Condurache

Best instructors Adi & Nicu !!! Thank you R&J for my kids first time ski experience!!!! Highly recommended!!!

Michel Le Roux - Quinta do Mirante

A very warm and professional service with shuttle options, the equipment is perfect. We recommend this address.

Caroline Nely

Janin and Roxana are so friendly and helpful. The ski hire is reasonably priced, they drop you and pick you up from the slopes. The parking is free. I had lessons with Gino which helped me progress. They deserve their 5 star reviews.

Shaun Grech

Roxana is the best and most patient instructor ever. This school run by these wonderful people will make your experience totally perfect. Super efficient communication, fair prices, safety, great equipment, seamless experience. Highly recommended. Thank you for making it special for us!


The instructors were great!
Took a private lesson for my 6 years old first time, and 2 more couples lesson for my husband and I, and for my other 2 kids.
Roxana, Horatio and Haroi were wonderful, patient and we made great progress with them.
They give you a ride to the lift and back so no need to carry all the stuff.

harry heywood

I had a wonderful experience with the all the Team at R&J, very friendly, understanding staff, and a great range of equipment to suit everybody’s needs.

I had never skied before so I booked two, two hour lessons with Rareș. He was very patient, friendly and clearly knew his stuff. He covered me from the basics to parallel skiing towards the end of the second lesson.
I’m pleased I got some lessons and at a very good price.

מעיין בכר

Horatiu is an excellent guide and pays attention to everything.
I feel that the training was in high level and I really enjoyed the whole service of the school.

Eran Ziv

I want to say that I chose the best ski school I could ask for Roxanna and Jenin You gave me and my children a service experience that will not be forgotten for a long time together with the team of instructors Lucio and Nick We had the pleasure to receive from your experience and see that you love what you do

Luana Cursaru

R&J Ski School is the place where my passion for skiing took of at a very young age. I’ve had the most amazing instructors and models to look up to. They helped me out a lot of situations teaching me about technique, but also equipment, as their center is all about that. Recently, they brought the newest boot fitting technology here, in Romania, where i had a chance of trying it out. I have never been 100% comfortable in my ski boots, so this was a game changer. They’ve got all different types of tools, such as a 3D scanner and a machine that morphs on your feet, to create the perfect fit. To top it all off, these procedures are done by certified professionals, so there’s no way this won’t be beneficial for your enjoyment out on the slopes.
I recommend the R&J Ski School with all of my heart, it’s one of the few companies left that actually love what they’re doing + doing it fair and square.
5 stars place and people!

Roxana Colisniuc

Very nice, well organized and respectful crew. My 6 yo son had some ski lessons, I took the snowboarding ones. The instructors (Andrei & Horatiu) were well prepared, very friendly and cheerful and had a lot of patience with us. We felt they were really interested in making us succeed at being good skiers or snowboarders. I strongly recommend R&J as I don’t think you can find better ones in Poiana Brasov.

Laura Troto

My 3 and a half years old son had an amazing first skiing experience with Andreea, she managed to keep him focused for 2 hours in a row and after 4 sessions his evolution was incredible!

Andreea is extremely sweet with children, she is making up stories to enter their world and they are following her completely fascinated! The best way to learn how to ski for children!

I would recommend her with all my heart to anyone who wants for their child a learn & love skiing experience !

Dragos Ciortan

We had a very nice first day of learning to ski. Me and my future wife had Alain as our ski instructor, I totally recommend him as he is a very calm and helpful person with a vast experience in this field. The owners are very nice, polite and very helpful with any questions that you may have. I will recommend them for any of my friends who would like this kind of experience and we cannot wait for the next days were we will be able to learn to ski even better using all the knowledge they have. Keep up the good work!


I have no words to describe how much we enjoyed renting equipment by R&J ski school, the owners are wonderful and kind people, we loved their instructors, Lutchi (Gucci) and Nick and one more that I forget his name,
I am on the heavy side (probably the heaviest on the slopes🥲) and I didn’t believe that I would learn how to ski, after two lessons I was really good at it, I will not forget this trip and believe that this was only the first trip to Poiana Brasov and of course we will come back to Janin and Roxana my new friends

Roberta Raduca

Great experience!
We’ve been returning to R&J Ski School for years now, my son started here when he was 4 and a half.
I myself took a some lessons for a couple years, to improve my skills.
We’ve been working with most of their instructors, all different, all wonderful, joyful people, with great teaching skills.
I have realised I had never left a review before, now that my son is almost turning 8 and his favorite thing in life so far is skiing in their company. We’re grateful for their professionalism, for their care and attention (they never failed to accommodate his needs, though he is suffering from a severe allergy and asthma), for their great communication skills and flexibility, for all the knowledge they shared from skiing to taking care of the equipment…
Overall, during those years the people at R&J started to feel like our winter extended family.

Heliga Horror

I am writing to express my utmost satisfaction with R&J ski school located in Poiana Brașov, Romania. My husband and I had the pleasure of taking lessons with Adrian and I can confidently say that it was an amazing experience. Adrian was an incredible instructor – he was patient, knowledgeable, and encouraging. He was able to provide us with the perfect balance of instruction and fun throughout our lessons. We were both new to skiing and Adrian was able to help us progress quickly. We are so thankful for the great experience.

I would also like to thank Roxana and Janin for running such an excellent ski school. They have created a positive and professional atmosphere that truly enhances the learning experience. We are so glad that we chose R&J ski school and we can’t wait to come back. Thank you again!


O echipa de oameni dinamici, profesioniști și foarte prietenoși! Le mulțumim tuturor, dar mai ales lui Adi (pentru energie și echilibru in gestionarea primelor lecții ale copiilor) și lui Horia (cu aprecieri pentru calm și naturalețe). Speram sa revenim cât n-ai curând!

Nicoleta Stamate

O experienta extrem de placuta!❤️
Personal zambitor, amabil, atent cu clientii🙏🏻
Nota 10+++ pentru Andreea, cel mai bun instructor!!! 🥰🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


מקום נהדר ללמוד סקי. פעם ראשונה שהצלחתי לגלוש וזה רק בזכות המדריכה רוקסנה !
אנשים נחמדים, אווירה חגיגית, מחירים סבירים ביותר.
ממליץ מכל הלב !

Cozma M.

Second year in a row with R&J, and we’re feeling like part of the family. I started skiing because of my son, but i’ve learnt to to it properly thanks to the wonderful and very, very patient Roxi, Lucian, Radu. However Horatiu is the one that won the heart of my now 7 yo son, the best ski instructor! I feel lucky that we chose R&J from the beginning 🤘. Thanks, guys, you rock!

Fe Espiritu

O experiența foarte plăcută! Horatiu este un instructor de nota 10! Recomand!

Timea / Orlando

O experienta minunata profesori explica minunat am reusit sa invat in doar 2 lecții (cate 2 ore fiecare).

Laura Man

Multumesc mult,R&J school! Merita toata aprecierea aceasta echipa minunata de profesionisti.Totul a fost la superlativ.Cu siguranta voi reveni cu mare drag.

Ilie Mihaela

R&J ski team is a professional team of amazing people. I had 2 days lessons with Adi (2 hours per day) and it was a great experience. The time passed so quickly with many precise details and quality time spent together. Thank you so much R&J team for the beautiful experience, I will for sure come back for other lessons as well.

Andreea Tampu

Foarte drăguți. Am rezolvat tot intr-o singura locatie: am găsit instructor pentru fetita (pret rezonabil, rezervare cu o zi inainte), am închiriat echipament, echipamente bune și îngrijite, drum dus-intors cu mașina pana la telecabina. Fetita a fost dusa și adusa cu mașina pana la partia Bradul. Ne-au plăcut.

Nicolas Naouri

Great experience with R&J. They are very client oriented, very helpful and very nice. The ski equipment is perfect and the instructors are great (we had 3 instructors).
Thanks to the team (R&J and instructors) for this great time. We will definitely come back !

Vlad Herescu

Extremely satisfied with their services. That staff was very friendly, the equipment was top notch, and they also provided free transport to the cable installation. I think I just found my favorite ski rental in Brasov

Mirela Arustei

Recomand, atât pentru instructori cât și pentru închiriat echipament. Instructori Calificați, profesioniști, răbdători cu cei mici ( noi am interacționat cu Roxana, Horia și Andreea in mai multe rânduri) cu rezultate excelente.
Pe viitor tot cu ei intenționăm sa colaboram.

Andreea Panga

Toata echipa de nota 10! Recomand cu drag! Am avut o experienta foarte faina si placuta aici, curs de initiere ski dupa o reconstructie totala de genunchi. Toate emotiile pe care le-am avut initial au fost repede inlaturate de catre Horatiu, un om cu un suuuper vibe, foarte rabdator si profi. Alaturi de el, chiar se invata de placere!

Dieter Meints

This ski rental ist superb.Very well maintained equipment and a professional and quick service. The staff is friendly and helpful with recommendations. And the plus on top is the drop and pick up service. I made excellent general impressions there, highly recommended.

Cristina Badea

A fost o experienta minunata si o recomand cu caldura.
Am apelat la R&J atat pentru cursuri de initiere pentru adulti, cat si pentru echipament. Am rezervat instructor cu aproximativ o luna inainte de ore. Am inchiriat echipamentul tot de la ei si eu, si alti doi prieteni mai experimentati in schiat cu care am fost in Poiana si toata lumea a fost foarte multumita. Personalul e foarte prietenos si de ajutor. L-am avut instructor pe Andrei care s-a ocupat cu mult profesionalism si rabdare in weekendul meu de initiere in ale schiului. Planul este ca la anul sa revenim tot la ei pentru echipament si pentru cateva ore de lectii (poate chiar in gasca mai mare).

Mihai Ispas

R&J ski school este pentru noi o echipă închegată, cu oameni profesionisti.
Fratele meu a fost foarte încântat de Gino si abia așteaptă ninsoarea sa meargă din nou pe pârtie cu calutii zburători si sa primească la sfârșitul orei bomboane pt execuția lor perfecta.

Kameel Gawi

The best school in Poiana Brasov no doubt this is my 5th time skiing here and i can assure anyone it’s the best service so far very much recommeded.

RaGhad Switat

Best ski school ever ! everything is perfect they’re so nice and kind and the lessons were perfect as well !! Highly recommended

Laura Moise

The experience that me and my boyfriend had here was excellent! We were beginners when we first met Lucian, the best Ski instructor in R&J Ski School. In 3 hours he taught us how to be stable on the skis, how to do some turnings, how to have a correct posture.
For sure we will come back every time in Poiana Brașov to ski with Lucian, the best Ski instructor, with so much patience.
I highly recommend R&J Ski School, where you can also borrow the equipment with advice from the owner of the school, to have the best fitting. They also brought us to the base of the slope by the car, an amazing service.

Radu Burcea

I had an amazing experience at R&J Ski School!
It was my first time snowboarding and with the help from my instructor Horatiu,i managed to learn to ride alone in just 4 days(2 hours a day).Horatiu is a very nice person and a very good and chill instructor. Overall i had an awsome time and will sure come back again!

Dana Assaf

It was a perfect experience
The equipments are amazing
And the team , the instructors are so professional
I recommend them so much

Razvan M.

The best ski instructors I’ve seen are The car is also a nice feature. I recommend this place.

Florin Zobu

Friendly staff, with professional instructors, which provide all the necessary tools to learn skiing. We had a very pleasant experience with them.

Andreea Georgiana

Andreea is the most patient and amazing ski instructor. She helped me improve my skills and gain confidence on the slopes ⛷ while keeping me calm and relaxed. We received the best tips and tricks for our equipment. The entire process in booking our lessons was handled professionally and promptly by the staff. Definitely will come back.

Monica Foszto

My ski lessons with Adi were simply amazing. I thought he taught me a lot in our 4 sessions, and helped me improve my skills and confidence – I couldn’t believe the slopes I’ve been on by the end! I felt really safe and had a lot of fun during my lessons. I couldn’t be happier and can’t wait to be back and ski with him again!

My 8 year old cousin who has never skied before also had 2 lessons with Bogdan – he was extremely patient and caring with her, and she absolutely loved them! Two day later she won’t stop talking about how wonderful it was.

Finally, the organizing part was so easy and the ski school took care of every detail for us (great communication in advance, rent all the gear, transport to/from slope, re-re-scheduling lessons to suit our needs, even let me borrow gloves when I forgot mine). I also found the prices more than reasonable.
The whole team was really professional, very friendly and wonderful to be around. We are incredibly sad to leave, but will definitely return and strongly recommend this ski school to anyone!

Mirela Stefan

I had 2 lessons with Horatiu from R&J Ski School. I was a beginner, never tried skiing before. He was very patient with me and explained everything in details. Also, the booking of the course and the communication with the team was great. I recommend this school if you want to learn how to ski.

Josh Sissons

Great service, friendly staff and good equipment, they offer free transport to the ski slopes and store your items if you rent over multiple days!

Andrei Maftei

High quality gear and very responsible personnel. Even though they may seem to be a bit protective or strict with you what they offer in the beginning, once you prove that you are not trying to ruin the equipment or steal it, renting from and discussing with the instructors working there will totally worth it. Unrelated tip: if you want to eat at the nearby restaurant, be sure to make a reservation beforehand. It’s usually full.

Echipament de înaltă calitate și personal foarte responsabil. Chiar dacă acestea pot părea puțin protectoare sau stricte cu dvs. ceea ce oferă la început, odată ce ați demonstrat că nu încercați să distrugeți echipamentul sau să-l furați, închirierea și discutarea cu instructorii care lucrează acolo va merita cu totul . Sfat fără legătură: dacă doriți să mâncați la restaurantul din apropiere, asigurați-vă că faceți o rezervare în prealabil. De obicei este plin.

Emma Bray

I highly recommend R&J Ski School to anyone wanting to learn to ski in Poiana Braşov. Such a great team: friendly, well organised and experienced! Booking lessons was straightforward via email and the lessons were fun and high quality! I’ll be heading back here again to develop my skills further now!

Ramona Chirita

Mulțumim mult echipei R&J Ski School . Mulțumim in primu rând lui Horatiu pentru răbdare și profesionalism . Am ales aceasta școala după ratingul mare și se pare ca nu ne-am înșelat . După 2 h cu Horatiu atât eu cât și fratele meu am învățat sa schiem. Ne dorim sa ajungem la un nivel mai avansat pe viitor și cu siguranța vom apela tot la voi.


A fost o întâmplare sa ajung la R&J school ski. Copii prietenei mele învăța aici primele tehnici de ski la doar 4 anisori si sunt extrem de încântați de tot personalul de instructaj! Abia așteaptă următoarea lecție. Inițial, scopul meu a fost doar de a închiria echipamentul necesar pentru schi. Nivelul meu de schi credeam ca este unul mediu, însă ulterior după ce am decis ca pe toată perioada șederii sa iau lecții de la un profesionist, mi-am dat seama ca nu era nici pe departe mediu, ci un nivel de începător. In cateva zile de mers pe schiuri impreuna cu Andrei am învățat cat nu am învățat în 5 ani de mers singura pe partii. Mi-am depășit frica de a merge pe o parte neagra (parea imposibila), probabil singura mi-ar fi luat foarte mulți ani sa iau aceasta decizie. Am descoperit ca deși alunecam pe partie, poziția corpului nu era corecta deseori. Cred ca indiferent de nivelul la care schiezi, ajuta extraordinar de mult sa fii privit și corectat din exterior. Multumesc foarte mult pentru sfaturi Andrei, R&J ski school a fost o experienta extraordinara! Recomand cu toată încrederea!

Dana Padurariu

Mulțumesc R&J Ski School pentru amabilitate și pentru profesionalismul de care a dat dovadă. Mulțumesc Adi pentru ca m-ai făcut sa văd ski-ul cu alți ochi. Te felicit pentru răbdarea și capacitatea de a transmite ski-ul. Fără dar și poate nota… 10, cu plus. 😉

Joanna Zakrocki

Taking a ski vacation with 3 young children is not easy but R&J Ski School made it possible and fun. My girls loved the lessons and made great progress. They cannot wait to come back. The team was very accomodating with the shuttle so we could have extra time on the mountain. We have gone skiing in several different countries and this ski school is my favorite.

A lua o vacanță la schi cu 3 copii mici nu este ușor, dar Școala de schi R&J a făcut-o posibilă și distractivă. Fetele mele au iubit lecțiile și au făcut progrese mari. Abia așteaptă să se întoarcă. Echipa a fost foarte primitoare cu naveta, astfel încât să putem avea timp suplimentar pe munte. Am mers la schi în mai multe țări diferite și această școală de schi este preferata mea.

Gabriela Ghiuri

Starting to ski at 30 yo can be a little scary, because you’re conscious of all the mistakes and falls you can have while learning. But Roxana did an amazing job at keeping us calm and relaxed all the way, enjoying every moment, couldn’t believe the lessons( 2 hours) ended so quickly. Can’t wait to return and continue the lessons!

A începe să schiezi la 30 de ani poate fi puțin înfricoșător, pentru că ești conștient de toate greșelile și căderile pe care le poți avea în timp ce înveți. Dar Roxana a făcut o treabă uimitoare, menținându-ne calmul și relaxarea până la capăt, bucurându-ne de fiecare moment, nu-i venea să cred că lecțiile (2 ore) s-au încheiat atât de repede. Abia aștept să reveniți și să continuați lecțiile!

Anne Marie

Amazing place with wonderful people , we will be back soon !!!

Monika Orzelowska

All very good , they put shoes, they rent snowboard and a they put with the car to the place, instructor Horațiu was extremely good. Recomand

Alexandru Pascu

Very welcoming staff! They are passionate about what they are doing and will offer you the best advice and equipment for rental. Guarded parking lot. By the way, ask for the transportation service to the ski slope.

Personal foarte primitor! Sunt pasionați de ceea ce fac și vă vor oferi cele mai bune sfaturi și echipamente pentru închiriere. Parcare păzită. Apropo, cereți serviciul de transport la pârtia de schi.

Matei Pop

Great people, really helpful, it was a pleasure to rent from this pleace

Dragos Gabry

Super profi, prietenosi si seriosi. Baietelul nostru de 5 ani a fost foarte încântat de “prietenii” sai de aici.

Dragos Strainu

O echipa deosebita. Foarte atenți cu cel mic, pentru prima data pe schiuri, foarte fericit!!! Bravo R&J! Mulțumesc Gino!

Oana Hughineata

Cei mai profi! Echipamentul foarte bine întreținut, iar Radu este cel mai tare De fapt, toți sunt super faini!! Abia aștept data viitoare 😍

Vlad Ciobotaru

Great service, they have a shuttle, 5 min to the slope, you can call them anytime to pick you up. They are very nice, I’m a beginner and they always advice me on the equipment. This is the 3rd year I’ve come here and i will be back.

Serviciu excelent, au o navetă, la 5 minute de pârtie, îi puteți apela oricând pentru a vă lua. Sunt foarte drăguți, sunt începător și mă sfătuiesc întotdeauna cu privire la echipament. Acesta este al treilea an în care vin aici și mă voi întoarce.


Fetita mea a mers pentru prima data la ski in acest an si i-a placut enorm. Nu ne asteptam sa fie atat de atrasa de acest sport fiind un copil precaut din fire care nu se aventureaza prea mult. A comunicat foarte bine cu Bogdan (instructorul de ski) si in fiecare zi, inainte de ski, se asigura ca tot el va fii cel care o va invata si astazi. Cand a invatat despre “felia de pizza” a fost distractie maxima! Multumim pentru tot!


A fost prima data la ski pt mine. Imi doream mult sa incerc dar aveam o teama din cauza unui accident avut de un prieten fara experienta in urma cu multi ani asa ca am decis sa apelez la un instructor de ski. Am gasit scoala de schi R&J de unde am inchriat echipamente impecabile si atunci a inceput aventua. Andrei Trifan mi-a fost instructor, mi-am depasit toate limitele datorita lui, a stiut exact cand sa se opreasca, unde sa ma incurajeze, cum sa facem ca sa nu renunt cand era mai dificil. Concluzia e ca mi-a placut enorm, mi-a depasit cu mult asteptarile si cu siguranta ma intorc si anul viitor la ski.

Rogojinoiu Bogdan

The best ski equipment in years.
The shuttle facility is a plus that makes the difference in all Poiana Brasov resort.
I strongly recommend! Nice job!

Cel mai bun echipament de schi din ultimii ani.
Facilitatea de transfer este un plus care face diferența în toată stațiunea Poiana Brașov.
Vă recomandăm cu tărie! Buna treaba!

Catalin Padurariu

Recomand cu încredere școala de ski pentru închiriat echipamente și nu in ultimul rând pentru instructori profesioniști 😀…mulțumesc Adi pentru lecțiile învățate!

Alina Mardare

My 9 year old daughter has just completed 5 morning individual lessons and had the most amazing time.
Nicu was a very good instructor, extremely patient and our daughter liked him!
He made skiing confident and by the end of the lessons skiing together.
Great school and instructors!
We’re already planning to visit again for more lessons!

Florentina Dragomir

Multumim echipei de ski R&J pentru vacanta minunata pe care am avut-o alaturi de ei. Vom reveni !

Alexandru Vasile

Recomandam cu incredere oricui vrea sa se initieze in acest sport !
Profesionalism din partea instructorilor de ski de la R&J din Poiana Brasov.

Mihai Nica

Echipament de calitate si se asigura transportul pana la partie si inapoi. Recomand cu incredere sa inchiriati. Am fost cazati la Casa Emil si a fost foarte comod pentru noi dar este convenabil si daca veniti cu masina pt ca se poate parca acolo.

Tibi Neicu

Instructori plăcuți, veseli si foarte, foarte răbdători (le-am încredințat 3 copii între 8 și 10 ani 3 zile la rând), care știu foarte bine ce au de făcut, echipamentele excelente, transport la si de la pârtie cu autoturismul școlii, proprietarii școlii (Roxana si Janin) foarte receptivi si comunicativi, foarte prietenoși. Cu toții ne-au făcut să ne simțim cei mai importanți, iar copiii au plecat fericiți, încântați că de acum sunt schiori.
Mulțumim si recomandăm tuturor cu garanția satisfacției!
Vom mai veni.

Ale. Alexandra

Instructori de nota 10 . Sunt foarte drăguți si amabili , au foarte multa răbdare , iar echipamentul este foarte bine întreținut. Merita toată încrederea! Mulțumesc tare mult Andrei și Lucian ! Ați fost minunati ! Cu siguranță voi reveni cu mare drag .

Cristian P.

Echipamente foarte bune, personal amabil și profesionalism! Posibilitatea de transport către partie cu auto.

Iliuta Mihai

Am petrecut o săptămâna excelenta in compania acestor minunați oameni.Totul este la superlativ legat de aceasta școala …pornind de la profesionalismul monitorilor pana la calitatea echipamentelor puse la dispoziție de centrul de închirieri de care dispun.Mulțumiri d-nului Janin,Roxanei și lui Horia care au îndrumat copii in primii lor ‘pasi’ in ale schiorului. De asemenea mulțumim lui Lucian și lui Gino pentru ca au avut răbdare cu noi, părinții copiilor și nu in ultimul rând personalului care ne-a ajutat sa ne echipam și domnului șofer care niciodată nu se lasă așteptat la plecarea spre pârtie sau înapoi.
Recomand cu caldura și felicitări întregii echipe pentru profesionalism și calitatea serviciilor!

Mihai Ivanus

Serioși, simpatici și profesioniști

Fiicele noastre au luat lecții de schi timp de 3 zile cu instructorii școlii R&J, și am închiriat de la ei și echipamentul necesar.
Sunt foarte prompți, echipamentul este in stare excelenta (au și mărimi foarte mici!), iar fetele au fost peste măsura de încântate de lecții. Nu ar mai fi coborât de pe pârtie!
Mulțumim dnei Roxana, dlui Janin, domnilor Horatiu și Nicu și domnișoarei Andreea. Abia așteptăm sa revenim!

Iulia Aldea

Iarna aceasta a fost a doua iarna in care am colaborat cu scoala de ski R&J. M-am reintors cu mult drag si entuziasm pentru ca Andrei a trezit in mine iubirea pentru ski. Luasem si inainte ore de ski, dar cu niciun alt instructor nu am reusit sa imi infrang frica si sa imi daram limitele psihice. Pe langa profesionalismul sau si capacitatea de a se face usor inteles, Andrei este plin de viata, optimism si te umple de pozitivismul sau si pasiunea pentru acest sport superb de iarna. Ii voi ramane vesnic recunoscatoare si sunt fericita ca am putut sa cunosc oameni asa deosibiti ca la scoala de ski R&J din Poiana. Va multumesc!


Felicitari pentru profesionalism! Multumiri lui Nicu! Am petrecut cateva zile la munte, in care, sub indrumarea lui Nicu, m-am bucurat cu adevarat de ski. Recomand cu caldura!

Mielu Matei

Echipamente de calitate si instructori foarte buni. Amabilitate si respect pe toate planurile.
Multumim lui Gino pentru răbdare.

Joanna Zakrocki

We had a wonderful experience with the instructors from R&J ski school. Skiing with three children is not easy and R&J ski school made it possible and fun. My girls ages 6 and 9 both made great progress and enjoyed the lessons even with the very cold weather. The team was very accomodating with helping our family shuttle back and forth so we could ski after the lesson. We will be back for sure and recommend to others.


Fiind la un nivel intermediar de a skia, nu m-am interesat prea mult până să ajung aici de ce ar trebui sa am un clăpar bun , uscat, fix pe picior fără sa te strângă, fără ca la finalul zilei după ce îl dai jos, a 2 a zi sa nu vrei sa mai skiezi ca ti-a făcut bătături pe alocuri sau mai știu eu ce.
La fel ca și în cazurile skiurilor… dacă sunt ascuțite ,0 îți permit mai ușor a skia șamd.
Întâmplarea face că am descoperit în Poiana chiar într-o parcare generoasa ca și locuri și totodată ca și preț, pentru doar 20 de lei parcarea/ zi comparativ cu alți care cer 15 lei / h , am descoperit centru de închirieri echipamente R&J de care nu pot spune decât lucruri bune.
Amabilitate iesita din comun , foarte comunicativi și gata să îți răspundă la orice întrebare oricât de bizara sau proastă te-ai putea gândi ca este.
Pe lângă amabilitate îți pot oferi detalii de care nu ai cunoștințe în ce privește echipamentul. Echipamentele comparativ cu alte centre care ofera același lucru sunt top și drept urmare ma fac acum sa las o recenzie în a îndruma posibili clienți pentru un business bine pus la punct pana la cel mai mic detaliu.
Unul dintre avantaje este transportul de la centru pana la pârtie gratis cu o mașină destinata special pentru acest scop deoarece nefiind situat ca și centru de închirieri și școala de instructaj chiar cu o poziție favorabila față de pârtie ,lumea prefera ce e aproape de pârtie, dar nu întotdeauna ce e aproape e bun și ieftin.
Că, sa fim serioși, cu toți am devenit comozi și dacă ar putea fi posibil sa ne dam jos din mașină direct în telegondola ar fi perfect.
Clapar , ski, bete per persoana /60 de ron comparativ cu alte centre care sunt lângă pârtie fiind 70 sau 65 per persona.
E de înțeles oarecum dacă privești din perspectiva celor ce își exercită activitatea lângă pârtie ca și business.( posibil chiria locației mai mare sau n motive)
Recomand cu încredere tuturor,cu siguranță vom reveni.


Am fost impresionata frumos de amabilitatea cu care am fost tratata de personalul centrului de închirieri ski cat și de calitatea echipamentului care este superioara celorlalte centre de închirieri. Deși nu se afla aproape de partia de ski, aceștia oferă gratuit transportul pana pe pârtie.Cu siguranță vom reveni!

George Pancescu

A wonderful ski school with excellent services and very friendly people!
Roxana was very helpful in providing all the information I needed to enroll in this wonderful journey of learning how to ski, and acted very professional in the entire communication process. I had the pleasure of having Nicu as my instructor and, although at the beginning I was a little bit tense, he managed to keep me calm and motivated me to go on; he was very patient and provided very thorough explanations that helped me understand the dynamics of skiing, always correcting me along the way whenever my posture was not correct – and for that I would like to extend my gratitude towards him, and overall towards the R&J Ski School.
I highly recommend R&J Ski School, no matter how experienced you are!

Georgeta Mielu

Conditiile de schi nu tocmai ideale dar a compensat profesionalismul echipei si in special al lui Gino, un instructor plin de rabdare si de bun simt.
Ne vedem din nou cu prima ninsoare ! 🙂

Octavian Andrei Brezean

Today we have taken our kids skiing. My 7 year old boy is not into new unknown challenges and my 5 year old daughter does not go with unknown people. But with Roxana everything went smooth, easy and after two hours the kids could ski alone, encouraged and verbally instructed by Roxana.
They both listened to her friendly instructions and trusted her. I can definitely say she has a way with kids. We will definitely come back for more ski lessons.
The equipment they rented was in very good condition and we were taken by car to and from the bottom of the slope to the rental shop, and back after the lessons.

only management

Echipamente de calitate si monitori bine instruiti…o sa revenim cu siguranta

Cudrici Sebastian

Copiii mei au petrecut patru zile minunate in masivul Postavaru alături de doi instructori dedicati: Lucian si Andrei. Calitatea echipamentelor închiriate este foarte bună și preturile moderate. Recomand tuturor! Multumim Scolii de schi R&J pentru tot!

Daniel Kis Rus

Profesionalism si multa rabdare ,o sa revin cu drag !

Ispas Cosmin Mihai

Servicii excelente,profesori bine pregătiți cu echipamente pe măsură

Dan Antonescu

Foarte multumit!

Isaac Araya

hola a todos, yo queria dar las gracias a los chicos sobre todo a Janin y Florin que dan un trato especial, llevo 5 años viajando a Poiana Brasov para esquiar, yo solo alquilo material pero yo os aseguro que para mi es el mejor local de alquiler de Poiana Brasov, tienen material de primera calidad a precios asequibles y proporcionan transporte directo a las pistas en furgoneta pars tu comodidad, tambien como dije antes el trato es muy bueno siempre atentos a ti… Gracias Janin el proximo año estaremos de vuelta.. Y super gracias a Florin el chico encargado del alquiler de material es muy buena gente.. Un gran saludo Isaac de Tenerife/España

Ramon Rodriguez

The best snowboard school i could ever choose! I spent two days with my private instructor Eddie and it was just great time, profesional and fun!! The equipment was in good condition and the staff really nice. Thank you guys and when i will come back no doubth i will be there again!

Eitan Gal

Excellent service, good and well taken care of equipment. Staf is very friendly and helpful.

Pauline Hartree

Excellent, friendly service and communication from start to finish. The team were attentive and helpful at all times and matched us with the perfect instructor; Lucien was infinitely patient and calm – just what we needed as 60+ practically first time skiers. Thank you for a fun week in Poiana Brasov!

Florin Pasare

Scoala de schi cu monitori profesionisti, atat pentru copii cat si pentru adulti. Recomand cu incredere!

Conor O'Driscoll

what a great trip the slopes at Poiana Brasov made 10 times better by the people at R&J ski rental and school. They are so friendly there !! My ski Instructor Radu was excellent , very good at skiing and very good at teaching , He would not switch off on the chair lifts, he would explain what I’m doing wrong and recommend what i could do to improve. My friend’s ski instructor Edward was also excellent according to my friend. We even went for lunch with them as they told us about the area and where to visit. My trip to Romania was made by these guys ! so make sure to chose R&J ski school!


Oamenii sunt foarte amabili și profesioniști – instructorul pe care l-am avut, Horațiu, ne-a explicat cu răbdare și bună dispoziție fiecare lucru. Ne-a părut foarte bine că am apelat la un instructor pentru prima zi pe snowboard și, cu atât mai mult, că am ales acest loc. Ne-am bucurat și că școala e aproape de stația de autobuz (Brașov – Poiană) și, chiar dacă nu am mers cu mașina până acolo, am auzit că au cea mai ieftină parcare din stațiune 🙂.

Cristian P

Excellent ski school, awesome trainers, great services


N-as fi crezut acum 1 luna de zile ca iarna chiar e asa frumoasa! De pe margine totdeauna mi s-a parut rece si friguroasa. Dar acum vad cat e de frumoasa si chiar nu e friguroasa! Roxana a fost cea care mi-a dat incredere in propriile forte si m-a facut sa vad cu alti ochi schiatul. Dupa ce ani de zile am stat la baza partiei urmarindu-i pe copiii mei cum schiaza, m-am hotarat brusc ca e timpul sa ma apuc si eu de schiat. Multumesc intregii echipe R&J Ski School! Chiar ma simt ca intr-o familie ori de cate ori ajung la sediu. Tot personalul este foarte amabil si se asigura ca ai tot confortul cu echipamentul si toate celelalte. Bus-ul propriu care te duce la partie este chiar de un real folos! Multumesc R&J!

Chris Davenport

Thank you so much to Radu and Andre for improving our skiing level from ok to great and more confident 👍👍👍👍 Chris and Isabelle 🎿 🎿 🎿

Roberto Thomas

Awesome place! Very kind people and good prices. I went there as a complete beginner and had a good time taking snowboard lessons. Big thanks to Horatio and Eddy for their time with me on the slopes!

Marta Cozma

Second year in a row with R&J, and we’re feeling like part of the family. I started skiing because of my son, but i’ve learnt to to it properly thanks to the wonderful and very, very patient Roxi, Lucian, Radu. However Horatiu is the one that won the heart of my now 7 yo son, the best ski instructor! I feel lucky that we chose R&J from the beginning 🤘. Thanks, guys, you rock!

Tomer Alter

Perfect snowboard experience from these guys
The ski guide was super nice helpful and informative. Had a blast. Looking forward for next year

Eduard Rojoc

Recomand cu toata increderea!
Am decis sa invat a schia impreuna cu fata mea(7 ani), dupa doar 4 ore de instuctie cu Roxana, mi s a spus de catre prieteni ca schiez cu schiau ei dupa 3 ani(fara a lua lectii de ski), in acelasi timp fata mea care a fost instruita de catre Andreea schiaza fara a trebuii sa imi fac griji pentru ea si destul de bine incat sa se bucure de acest sport( a reusit sa conoare relaxat “drumul rosu” Poiana Brasov in 45 min. Daca vreti sa invatati sa schiati, asta e scoala pe care o cautati.

shay sharabi

I saw on Google that there were good reviews so I went there, when I arrived I saw why there were good reviews, amazing staff and nice people, Andrei guided my 11 year old girl and managed to do a great job, the girl was very connected to him, and also an amazing janin.

Florin Anghel

Mulțumim R&J Ski School, și în mod special lui Horia pentru răbdarea și profesionalismul cu care l-a învățat pe cel mic să schieze.

Dan Yanson

Upon booking lessons at the R&J School, we arrived at their office some distance away from the actual slope and had all skiing equipment fitted for everyone in our party. Just be aware that EU boot sizes 34 and up are billed at adult rate, which was a bit surprising for our 10-y.o. son.

We were then shuttled away to the slope where our party was split into two sub-groups according to age and proficiency. The instructors were very helpful and worked hard to build confidence in our budding skiers. They effectively put in more than an hour’s instruction even through we’d only booked an hour’s lesson. By the end of the lesson, the kids were able to use the ski lift and slalom down the slope with the greatest of ease – and enjoyment! The instructors used their ski lift passes to pay for our kids until we purchased access cards for them.

Overall, we feel that it was a worthwhile investment of time and money, with the kids begging for more skiing at the end of the day! Highly recommended!

Galina Yanson

Заранее забронировав уроки в школе R&J, мы прибыли в их офис, находящийся на некотором расстоянии от лыжного склона. В офисе нам подготовили и подогнали все лыжное снаряжение для каждого участника нашей группы. Имейте в виду, что снаряжение с европейскими размерами сапог 34 и больше оплачиваются по взрослому тарифу, что было немного удивительно для нашего 10-летнего сына.

Затем нас отвезли на склон, где все участники были разделены на две подгруппы в зависимости от возраста и уровня подготовки. Инструкторы очень много помогали и усердно работали, чтобы придать самоуверенность нашим начинающим лыжникам. Они фактически занимались с детьми больше часа несмотря на то, что мы забронировали только часовой урок. К концу урока наши дети научились использовать горнолыжный подъемник и скатывались слаломом по склону с превеликой легкостью и удовольствием! Инструкторы даже использовали свои абонементы на подъемники для оплаты за наших детей, пока мы не купили для них собственные карточки доступа.

В целом, мы считаем, что это было стоящее вложение времени и денег – особенно, когда дети не хотят сходить с лыж в конце дня! Искренно рекомендуем!

Dan Chitu

Suntem foarte mulțumiti de rabdarea si profesionalismul Andreei. Aceasta a reusit sa capeteze perfect atentia si cooperarea fiul nostru de aproape 4 ani si jumatate. Multumim!

Cri Muntean

We had a great experience!! I highly recommend you to choose this school for the quality of the teaching combined with the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The quality of the teaching is awesome and the ski instructors are very professional. A simple call and all was set in a few minutes.Our 3 years old girl can’t wait to come again and meet her instructor Gino,a great and warm person. They helped her every day to get equipped and the driver took us every morning to the slope. We have just nice words for the team! Hope to see you soon!!

Cojocaru Cristian avut ca monitori atat pe Dan cat si pe Andrei. Sunt instructori de schi superbi. Au rabdare, intelegere si buna colaborare pe partie. Toate sfaturile pe care dat sunt de folos in a practica acest sport. De asemenea, echipamentul pentru schi este de foarte buna calitate. Recomand cu caldura si incredere aceasta scoala de schi. Cu drag din Constanța, Cristian & Oana.


Upon booking a lesson at the R&J School, we arrived at their office some distance away from the actual slope and had all skiing equipment fitted for everyone in our party. Just be aware that EU boot sizes 34 and up are billed at adult rate, which was a bit surprising for our 10-y.o. son.

We were then shuttled away to the slope where our party was split into two sub-groups according to age and proficiency. The instructors were very helpful and worked hard to build confidence in our budding skiers. They effectively put in more than an hour’s instruction even through we’d only booked an hour’s lesson. By the end of the lesson, the kids were able to use the ski lift and slalom down the slope with the greatest of ease – and enjoyment! The instructors used their ski lift passes to pay for our kids until we purchased access cards for them.

Overall, we feel that it was a worthwhile investment of time and money, with the kids begging for more skiing at the end of the day!
Highly recommended!


Заранее забронировав уроки в школе R&J, мы прибыли в их офис, находящийся на некотором расстоянии от лыжного склона. В офисе нам подготовили и подогнали все лыжное снаряжение для каждого участника нашей группы. Имейте в виду, что снаряжение с европейскими размерами сапог 34 и больше оплачиваются по взрослому тарифу, что было немного удивительно для нашего 10-летнего сына.

Затем нас отвезли на склон, где все участники были разделены на две подгруппы в зависимости от возраста и уровня подготовки. Инструкторы очень много помогали и усердно работали, чтобы придать самоуверенность нашим начинающим лыжникам. Они фактически занимались с детьми больше часа несмотря на то, что мы забронировали только часовой урок. К концу урока наши дети научились использовать горнолыжный подъемник и скатывались слаломом по склону с превеликой легкостью и удовольствием! Инструкторы даже использовали свои абонементы на подъемники для оплаты за наших детей, пока мы не купили для них собственные карточки доступа.

В целом, мы считаем, что это было стоящее вложение времени и денег – особенно, когда дети не хотят сходить с лыж в конце дня! Искренно рекомендуем!

Ioana Brad

Multumim si felicitari intregii echipe! Amabilitate, atentie la detalii, totul pus la punct de la primul email/ telefon pana la predarea echipamentului.
Aprecieri speciale pentru Horatiu! Metoda, rabdare, motivare si, nu in ultimul rand, bucuria de a fi pe zapada!

Pautov Misha

Am cautat scoala de schi pe google si am ales R&J pentru ratingul mare, si nu m-am inselat. Au raspuns prompt la telefon, au organizat imediat 3 instructori, ne-au pus al dispozitie echipament foarte calitativ. Transport cu masina spre si de la partie. Datorita lor Anastasia (5ani) schizaza dupa 2 ore de instructaj. Multumim R&J!


Felicitari intregii echipe! Sunt niste oameni deosebiti. Baietelul meu Mihai de 6 ani a intrat in centrul de inchirieri plangand iar dupa doua zile datorita instructorului Cezar Paslaru ii va cere Mosului anul acesta o pereche de skiuri. 🙂
Cezar este un instructor extraordinar, si il recomandam cu caldura. Mihai l-a indragit dupa prima ora.
Echipament de calitate. Servicii exceptionale.
Multumim si ne vom intoarce la voi cu drag!

Eva bujac

Ii multumesc antrenorului Alex pentru ca m-a invatat sa skiez. Mi-a placut atunci cand am urcat cu teleskiul pana in varful muntelui si am skiat 5 km!!! Sper sa mai revin o data in acest an! (Eva, 8 ani)

Stancu Laura

Sunt foarte multumita de lectiile de schi primite, atat eu cat si fetita mea, pe care datorita lui Horia am reusit sa o punem pe schiuri la 3 ani, iar anul acesta, la 4 ani, progresele sunt vizibile, iar ea este ft incantata de el. Eu, am schiat cu Dan, pt prima data in viata mea si am fost uimita ca in doar 2 ore am reusit sa fac cateva coborari singura. Ii recomand pe Horia si Dan. Fac o treaba excelenta!

Pautov Misha

Am cautat scoala de schi pe google si am ales R&J pentru ratingul mare, si nu m-am inselat. Au raspuns prompt la telefon, au organizat imediat 3 instructori, ne-au pus al dispozitie echipament foarte calitativ. Transport cu masina spre si de la partie. Datorita lor Anastasia (5ani) schizaza dupa 2 ore de instructaj. Multumim R&J!

Alexandru Dan

Profi și foarte prietenoși. Fetița mea se simte extraordinar cu ei! După prima ora, a reușit sa o urce cu teleschiul !! Ca instructoare, o recomandam pe Andreea! Are multă răbdare cu copiii !!! Am ajuns la aceasta scoala după un search pe google, prima data am ajuns la Eden Ski, pentru prima lecție … am fost oarecum multumiți fiind prima data pentru ea și neștiind sa facem diferența cu alte scoli. A2a lecție, am dorit tot la ei și întâmplarea a făcut sa nu aibe instructoare liberă, așa ca am început căutările pe google și am ajuns aici!!!!
Aici, fata de Eden, am primit bon fiscal,( nu decontez dar dacă se întâmpla ceva, ai cu ce demonstra ca ai fost la ei…) instructoarea mai prietenoasa cu copiii iar echipa ce am întâlnit-o acolo, la fel !!! Am fost invitat intr-un centru / sediu/ locație, cum i’o zice… tot acolo închiriază și echipament. Per total, fata de Eden SKI suntem mai multumiți aici. Din păcate nu reușesc sa adaug pozele

Teo Marin

Am întâlnit niște oameni deosebiți, cărora le mulțumesc din suflet pentru instructajul profesionist acordat băieților mei, care, după două ore…, alunecau cu încredere pe pârtie, cu toate că o făceau pentru prima dată… Solicitați cu încredere serviciile acestei școli de schi și nu veți regreta alegerea făcută ! Mulțumim mult, Lucian !

Gavril Raducanu

Am schiat de câteva ori înainte dar știam ca ceva nu era in regula la postura mea( simțeam o presiune pe partea de jos a spatelui si nu reușeam sa fac întoarcerea ținând skiurile paralel). După două zile de lecții cu Lucian am observat o mare diferență si pentru prima data m am bucurat de ski cu adevărat
Mulțumesc si țineți sus munca buna!

Eva Evantiayvv

Cea mai buna scoala de sky, cei mai buni instructori de schi, surorile Alexia foarte incantate de experienta. Super, sa o tineti tot asa. Va multumim

Diana Crainiciuc

This is my and my brother’s second visit to R&J Ski-School. We spent one whole day on the slopes with the help of Lucian. It was great. My brother is more experienced than I am, but Lucian adapted to both of us and also encouraged me to go down the “Drumul Rosu” slope. I was so happy that I managed to do it with his help. Very patient and positive.
We will certainly keep coming back.
Great people!


For me it was the first time I learned to ski with Dan, who was very very good, making me trust myself more than I would have expected, will definitely come again. We also had 2 kids with different instructors (3 and 5 year old) and they had a great time. I would also like to mention that the equipment was very good quality.

Oglindoiu Daniel Cristinel

Tudor ar fi oferit 1000 de stele. Deci… cei mai buni.


My brother and I have had a great time learning how to ski today. My instructor, Miss Andreea, such a kind and warm person, taught me lots of techniques and tricks. By the end of our lesson, she helped me overcome my fear and made me realise how fun skiing can be. It has definitely become a passion for me. The time we spent together flew away so quickly, although well spent, and we even become friends. I’m definitely going to see her again; for another lesson! Additionally, the facilities and equipment offered by R&J Ski School are excellent-new and well maintained. I would definitely recommend it to all my friends, as a great and friendly time is guaranteed. Thank you so much Andreea.

הייא ש

We went there without booking they accept us welcoming they did the maximum and we get a private lesson for 2 hr.
We were 3 with two amazing instructors : andrei and dan , they are very friendly ,professional and veryy very patient with passion to teach and they took a great care to ensure our safety.
It was a great exprience for the first time and definetly not the last , special thanks to dan and andrei for an amazing day full of energy and fun.
Anyone who’s in brasov i highly recommend to try this exprience with R&J ski school , perfect team , service and instructors.


My husband and I went to R&J without a booking and were lucky to get a private lesson for 2 on the spot!( Reservation in advance advised) In general, the ski school boosts a warm and hospitable vibe; the ski instructors are also highly experienced and professional. Thanks to Eddie and Andrew for their patience and who took great care to ensure our safety. Never imagined we would make such progress for my first time ski lesson. Highly recommended if you are coming to Poniana.

Lewis & Jan

Great instructors and friendly staff
“I spent a week here in poiana Braşov snowboarding with R&J ski school, my friend and I are taking individual lessons with Horadiu and Eddie. They are both great instructors with enthusiasm and passion to teach. Special thanks to my instructor Horadiu who is professional, patient, and encouraging all the time.

In addition, all staffs here are very nice and willing to help with not only the lessons but also all sorts of other stuff like shopping and sightseeing options…etc. I highly recommend R&J ski to whoever is looking for a ski or snowboard vacation.”

Hugh M

Good ski school
Visited R&J in March 2019 school was professional, pleasant instructors with good tuition ,my little girl really liked Roxanna. We also hired equipment with them which also was excellent.

thomas zimmermann

Très pro, très bon prix, merci beaucoup.

Billy Rudni

היינו הבן שלי ואני שמעולם לא גלשנו ואחרי שעתיים גלשנו בצורה מושלמת צוות מאוד מסביר פנים מומלץ להזמין מראש ואז יש הנחה
עלה לנו בערך 500 שח” להדרכה של שעתיים כולל ציוד

Yaniv Cohen

This is our second year to get our ski equipment and ski lessons in Poiana Brasov.
The team is helpful and professional. The equipment is new and in good condition.
We took Horia Negulici as an instructor, which turn out as a very good decision. The kids learned skiing easily, safely and with a smile and tolerance.
Great pick!!

Anthony Bate

My family was skiing blacks by the end of the week.
The R&J Ski School and shop was terrific. Our youngest child had “H” as a private instructor and went from beginner to doing black slopes by the last day. “H” was a great teacher and true professional. Our child wanted to text him after we left. The others in our party wanted to learn to Snowboard. They had Eddy as an instructor and he was amazing. He had a first time skier/snow boarder up and snow boarding on the first day. Our older child loved it so much he stayed working with Eddy the entire week and was carving up the slopes by the end of our trip. Eddy too is a great instructor and watched for safety to make sure people don’t get hurt. Conditions became icy and dangerous and Eddy decided it was unsafe to be on the slope. He wants people to have fun and not get hurt. The professionals in the ski shop were also wonderful to deal with. And the shuttle got us to the different gondola within minutes. We would return to Poiana and would use R&J Ski School again.

Colm O Gorman

Truly excellent ski school
Really fantastic ski school and equipment hire shop. Very welcoming, and really great value. I really cannot recommend them highly enough. They take care of everything, equipment, lessons, ski passes for lessons and transfers from the school to the slopes.

The staff are amazingly helpful, and the instructors are brilliant. I had never skied before, but after just four hours of lessons, my instructor had me confidently zipping down the slopes. As a result I’m entirely hooked on skiing, and will definitely be back. A huge ‘thank you’, to everyone at R&J Ski School. You were wonderful.

Alexandra Stoica

Cu mare drag scriu acest review. Mulțumesc echipei pentru modul de predare, răbdarea și amabilitatea de care a dat dovadă. Mulțumim Roxana! Am fost 3 începători cu o plajă de vârstă mare și toți am plecat cu satisfacția unei lecții învățate.

Adina Constantinescu

Buna!De ceva vreme mi-am propus sa scriu cateva impresii ce tin de experienta mea si a familiei mele cu R&J Ski Scool…Copiii mei in varsta de 10 si respectiv 8 ani sunt al treilea an alaturi de instructoarea Ilka Kis,la adresa careia am doar cuvinte de lauda…e rabdatoare,e profi si dedicata copiilor,asa a fost in cazul nostru,ai mei o indragesc mult…eu si sotul meu am luat anul acesta lectii de ski pt prima data alaturi de instructorul Horia Negulici,despre care de asemenea as putea vorbi tare frumos,este un baiat cu mult bun simt,si cu rabdare si tare priceput…nu stiu sa zic cum si ce ne-a facut,dar dupa 3 zile coboram Drumul Rosu aproape fara probleme…Pe ambii instructori ii recomand cu toata increderea…Am apreciat mult de tot ca au transfer cu masina de la centru la partii,conteaza f. mult…Roxana si Janin,niste persoane tare amabile,de asemenea dl.Florin de la receptie ne-a ajutat si ne-a sfatuit referitor la echipamentul de ski,pt ca am inchiriat de la ei si echipamentul….In concluzie,recomand…am intalnit oameni chiar pe tiparul nostru,am fost pe aceesi lungime de unda si sigur vom reveni.Anul acesta am fost o data in ianuarie si inca o sapt in februarie,a fost din ce in ce mai bine…Multumim pt Tot!

שלומי ניר - קייטרינג ואירועים

ביהס הכי טוב ברומניה!!יחס מעולה,מחירים טובים.
מומלץ בחום!!

Moti Heller

אנשים מדהימים יחס ממש טוב מחירים מצויינים המורים עם הרבה סבלנות בקיצור שווה שווה . שנה הבאה אנחנו פה עוד פעם.

Kameel G

Amazing ski trip experience!!
Warm welcoming, friendly and very experienced!
I wouldn’t pick any other place in Poiana Brașov other than this shop!
Legit excellent equipment, great service and amazing ski teaching.
Even in a group of different ski levels everyone had an amazing time!

Definitely repeating it next year again!

Klarit Wolf

Super recomended!!!
My 10 years old son had two days lessons with wondeful Roxana. He had a great time, advanced unbelivebly fast, secound day did the mountain sloops. They have managed very good altought he does not speek that good english. Realy great experiance. Big big thank you to Roxana.
We wish to come again.

Gali Lazarovitch

Great experience with R&J ski school!
Thank you Andrei and Andrea for a great first time experience in ski 🙂 we had the best time and will definitely come back!

David P

We have just returned from our 2nd season with R&J, having visited in 2018. This year we undertook training for 1/2 day and hired equipment for 5 days.
Roxanne and Janin, along with their staff, run a very professional, friendly school. They are both highly experienced and importantly take training very seriously- they do this but at all time ensure that their clients have ‘fun’.
The equipment for hire is first class and in tip top condition. I know that their instructors speak many languages.
I highly recommend this ski school.

Irina Popa

Pasionati, rabdatori, echipament de calitate, transport gratuit de la centrul de inchiriere spre partie.
Cursurile cu Horatiu mi-au aratat cat de placut poate fi skiatul si … fara dureri daca am o pozitie corecta. A insistat si a incercat mai multe metode pentru a-mi corecta pozitia pe skiuri. Multumesc!

Alena Valcea


Desi ne cunoastem de foarte mult timp a venit momentul sa si scriem ceea ce simtim pentru voi. Roxy si Janin sunteti cu adevarat oameni deosebiti, sunteti rabdatori, calmi si profesionisti in adevaratul sens al cuvantului! Va iubim si va multumim pentru tot!
Multumiri lui Andrei si Lucian super instructori lui Florin pentru ajutorul acordat cu echipamentul!
Multumiti speciale domnului Viorel!

Tony McGuigan

Fantastic ski school with great instructors and friendly staff. They looked after my 3 kids and had them all skiing to a decent level after just 3 2 hour lessons. Great value and can highly recommend. Thanks to all the team who helped make a great holiday in the beautiful Poiana Braşov.


We went skiing with our 2 boys ( 9and 6year old) for 4 days last week. We booked 2 hours a day skiing lessons for them as it was their first time skiing on snow. They had Dan as instructor and we were very impressed with their progress. We could see rapid progress and they were getting more confident every day. They even went on the top of the mountain Postavarul on their second day. They absolutely love skiing.
Thank you Dan for being such a skilful instructor, for being so friendly and patient with them. You made our boys’ first experience on snow a real success and we are planning to come back next year.


I used R & J when I traveled on my own last year. This year I brought my wife and 2 teenage daughters – none had skied before. Janin and the team were great with all of us – incredibly patient. The highlight was my wife skiing down the mountain on the last morning – a great achievement.
Thank you guys.


Me and my family rented our ski equipment with R & J. The service was very efficient and professional. We also loved the shuttle service to and from wherever we were, just a phone call away. We stayed at hotel Aurelius, and it’s just on the other side of the road. If we ever return, R & J is the place for skiis.

Abood Saleem

Professional and very friendly, booked 7 days of lessons with Janin including equipment rental. Everything was perfect, was able to do a black run by the end of the lessons.


It was my 8 year old’s first time skiing and although he found the first few days hard, he ended up loving it and said he would miss his instructor. The shuttle service is very efficient, equipment is good quality and customer service very fast. We plan to come back next year.

Sari & Hanna

Very king and professional.
We payed for two instructors- Horiya for the kids and Andre for us.
Both of them were very professional and patien.
We highly recommend this ski school, and we definitely consider coming back next year!
Sari and Ofer

Gary Hannon

Great service and nice people
We got our skis and boots straight away without any waiting and then we were taken straight to the slopes and were on our ski lessons in no time.
My daughter had Edi as her instructor and he looked after her really well and she had a great time , my sons had Bogdan and by far he is the best instructor they have ever had, we would come back to Poiana Braşov just so we could have Bogdan again !
Thank you for making our holiday !


היינו 4ימים אוקסנה ובעלה שהם בעלי המקום שהם אדיבים סובלניים נותנים שירות טוב יש במקום ציוד מקצועי וטוב במקום יש שאטל מומלץ בחום (אילן מקס אריאל פבל יוסי ויבגני


Mulțumesc R&J pentru abilitățile pe care le-am deprins in cele 3 zile de ski! L-am avut ca instructor pe Dan. A fost genial. Este răbdător, dedicat și un adevărat profesionist. Recomand R&J tuturor celor care vor să învețe de la cei mai buni profesori.


Loved every minute of it. We had Luciano as our instructor for 4 days – he was very nice to us, made our skiing trip very memorable. Rental equipment pricing is reasonable & transport from rental shop to ski slope was very efficient. Thanks alot! Highly recommended.

Sarah Bonello

We were a group of 4 people 2 of which never skied before and 2 who had, Luciano our skiing instructor managed to focus on each and every one of us individually during our sessions, he made us feel comfortable with his patience and positive attitude. We all had an amazing time! Highly recommend


I can highly recommend the Skiing school of Roxana and Janin. They were very kind, patient and professional. Always available, even after regular operating hours. Once we call for the driver he showed within minutes to pick us up. Prices are not cheap but may include a morning homemade drink that will probably improve your skiing

Eli Warwar

We had such a great time at this place it was a unique experience for me and for my friends. So we had a private teacher and his name was edi .such a wonderful man he was so calm and responsible .
5 start’s to edi and to the hole team ,

Felicia L

Am avut o experiența foarte frumoasa cu școala de ski R&J, într-adevar mai mult decât ne-am imaginat inițial.
Copiii, 3 la număr, l-au avut instructor pe Dan, pe care l-au iubit de la început. În 3 zile ( cu 2 ore sedinta de ski/zi) i-a învățat să iubească ski-ul, în a treia zi i-a trecut de pe pârtia Bradul pe Postăvarul, copiii fiind foarte încântați de aceata pârtie și de d-nul instructor Dan, number one!
Noi adulții (2 la numar) îi mulțumim frumos Roxanei, care este foarte calmă si răbdătoare, a fost cel mai potrivit instructor pentru noi și a reusit in cele 3 sedințe mai mult decât credeam noi ca vom face atunci când am venit in Poaina.
Mulțumim tuturor încă o dată și celor de la centru de închirieri și îi recomandăm cu drag tuturor!

Felicia Luca

Am avut o experiența foarte frumoasa cu școala de ski R&J, într-adevar mai mult decât ne-am imaginat inițial.
Copiii, 3 la număr, l-au avut instructor pe Dan, pe care l-au iubit de la început. În 3 zile ( cu 2 ore sedinta de ski/zi) i-a învățat să iubească ski-ul, în a treia zi i-a trecut de pe pârtia Bradul pe Postăvarul, copiii fiind foarte încântați de aceata pârtie și de d-nul instructor Dan, number one!
Noi adulții (2 la numar) îi mulțumim frumos Roxanei, care este foarte calmă si răbdătoare, a fost cel mai potrivit instructor pentru noi și a reusit in cele 3 sedințe mai mult decât credeam noi ca vom face atunci când am venit in Poaina.
Mulțumim tuturor încă o dată și celor de la centru de închirieri și îi recomandăm cu drag tuturor!


Awesome team and wonderful experience! Learn a lot from Dan in such a short time. He knows what he’s doing and you just need to listen to what he says and do what he tells. Trust him and you’ll learn a lot! Thanks for the experience! Great school with good prices. And you are also taken by car to the slope and back. Believe me, this matters after hours of skiing!

Cristina Vlasceanu

Multumim intregii echipe R&J Ski School care au reusit in doar 2 zile sa dea incredere si curaj in fortele proprii pentru fiul meu, Cristian – 12 ani (care are dislexie, si invata usor doar daca gaseste in partea cealalta rabdare si metoda de a-i arata asa cum pricepe el cel mai repede). Echipa care s-a ocupat anul acesta de Cristian si de sotul meu a fost formata din Edi, Andrei, Ilka si Horia. Mii de multumiri tuturor dar mai ales lui Horia pentru reusitele lui Cristian si Ilkai pentru increderea pe care a capatat-o sotul meu ca acum poate skia si fara instructor in ciuda faptului ca nu are mai mult de o saptamana anul trecut la ski si anul acesta doua zile.
Asteptam cu nerabdare sa ne revedem cat de curand.

Suzana Voiculescu

We have just returned home after our second ski round with R&J this year!Even if tired after a looong ride home,I feel the need to express my gratitude for their wonderful teaching skills and warm friendship!Nothing is missing:they have the best ski instructors,best equipment,best driver (really funny Mr. Viorel, because they offer free ride to the slope and back),and most important,best smiles! 🙂
Thank you Alex and Andrei for everything!
@Andrei,the kids are absolutely in love with you!

Tal Bilinsky

הלא יאומן קרה וכל המשפחה שלנו (7,9,16,19,44,47) הגענו בלי מושג בסקי ותוך 3 ימי סקי גלשנו במדרונות כמו מקצוענים (כמעט:). צוות המדריכים בהובלתו של ג’ני ליוו אותנו במקצועיות, בבטיחות, בארגון וסדר מופתי וגם בהרבה כיף! מומלץ בחום.
We didn’t have high hopes about our first time skiing, and yet within 3 days we conquered the slopes like pros (kinda). The instructors guided us safely and professionally, while making sure we and the kids (7, 9, 16, 19) had fun. Highly recommended! 🙂


Felicitări echipei R&J. O echipa minunata! Băiețelul meu de 9 ani, care nu este incepator la schi, după prima ședință a venit și mi-a mulțumit ca i-am ales cel mai bun instructor. Este vorba de d-nul instructor Dan. Un instructor care știe cum să-și conducă elevii mereu spre următorul nivel prin îndrumare, incurajare și susținere. Am fost anunțată de fiul meu chiar după primele 2 ore de schiat, ca și-a făcut deja rezervare pt. următoarea vacanta de iarna tot la instructorul Dan. Felicitări d-nule instructor Dan, mulțumim! Albert.


Fiica mea a a avut o experienta minunata cu R&J si cu Andreea care a fost monitorul ei timp de o saptamana. S-au inteles din prima clipa si cele 2 ore de schi zilnice au contribuit la perfectionarea tehnicii de coborare pe toate tipurile de partii. Multumim Andreea si R&J!

Andrei H

Ski monitor: Dan Vieru

Am 48 de ani si pana acum 5 zile nu mai schiasem niciodata in viata mea. Cred ca rezultatul lucrului cu Dan in cele 5 zile (a cate 2 ore pe zi) spun mult mai mult decat un sir lung de fraze pompoase: dupa 3 zile de facut Bradul, in ziua a 4-a si a 5-a am trecut deja pe Postavarul cu doar o singura cadere pe coborare.

Dan are arta de a maximiza potetialul de invatare al ‘elevului’, in permanenta imbinand rabdarea cu preocuparea de a progresa tehnica de schi a celui pe care il invata. M-am simtit in fiecare secunda in siguranta cu el langa mine pe partie.

Un instructor cu adevarat profesionist si un om de mare calitate.

Recomand din toata inima!


Uriel Aviv


Diana & Michael

Janin and Roxana were professional and very accomodating according to our needs. I and my brother took our very first ski lessons and had the pleasure to be guided by R&J Ski School. Although we both had different rhythms of learning to ski, Janin adapted to both of us and made sure we had a great experience. We will definitely come here again in the future!
Thank you, R&J Ski School for your patience and great client services! You are the best!
Diana & Michael


O experienta minunata! Fiul meu in varsta de 6 ani, prima data pe skiuri, a facut progrese uriase in 3 zile cu Dan, caruia ii multumim mult. Profesionisti, recomand cu incredere :)!

Macuc Orlando Mihai

A fost foarte placut cu instructori prietenosi.Instrucrori foarte buni care te pot invata repede sa stai pe snowboard.Am invatat sa stau pe snowboard si sa iau viraje in 3 zile si am putut sa cobor cam 80% din postavarul singur si a fost o experienta placuta.

Cosmin Pascu

Pur si simplu asteptarile mele au fost depasite.sunt incepator cu snowboard-ul si m-am gandit sa invat cateva lucruri.Stafful de la ski school s-a purtat extraordinar,iar Edi, instructorul a fost foarte bun. Cunoaste tehnica foarte bine si te ajuta sa inveti rapid,dar lucreaza si la moralul/increderea ta. Plus transport locatie – partie.
Ii recomand cu drag pe baieti! Succes

Moldoveanu Constantin

Este foarte important cand inveti sa schiezi sa ai un instructor foarte bun. Am ales aceasta scoala de ski datorita review-urilor foarte bune si pot spune ca a fost cu mult peste asteptarile mele.M-au primit cu amabilitate, echipa este profesionista, iar instructorul Andrei Trifan care m-a invatat, este foarte experimentat, un profesionist pe partie, explica foarte bine si are o rabdare de fier. A fost a doua zi din viata mea in care m-am urcat pe skiuri, si datorita lui Andrei am avut o evolutie incredibila! Drept urmare dupa 4 ore de lectii deja schiam pe partia cu steag rosu si negru. Recomand cu toata increderea aceasta scoala, mai ales instructorul Andrei Trifan, merita toti banii. Tin sa va multumesc, faceti o treaba extraordinara!

Lucian Cozma

Anul acesta am descoperit scoala de ski R&J si a fost unul din lucrurile care ne-au facut sa re-descoperim si vacantele la munte/schi.

Nu mai facusem vacante la zapada de ceva vreme (de obicei eram in locuri mai calde), si intre sarbatori, am spus sa incercam ski la Poiana Brasov, cu gandul sa gasim un instructor pentru baietelul nostru (Victor). Faptul ca am dat de echipa de la R&J a fost super.
Nu numai ca sunt o echipa super (Janin si Roxana sunt grozavi) dar au o multime de lucruri care s-au potrivit perfect pentru noi:
– echipamentul e foarte ok si cei de acolo te ajuta sa il alegi/reglezi/echipezi;
– transportul catre/dinspre partie e cu masina (nu trebuie sa te plimbi pe clapari cu schiurile in spate) si la gondola si la Bradul;
– fix langa e restaurantul Vanatorul si ai loc sa vii cu masina de dimineata si sa o parchezi (sunt locuri multe) si la pranz cand termina cel mic lectiile si e flamand sa il pui direct la masa la o ciorba calda;
– instructori grozavi, punctuali (da, conteaza) si veseli.

Nu pot sa nu termin fara sa spun ce bine ca am gasit si un super-instructor (Horatiu) care se intelege de minune baiatul nostru. Horatiu l-a citit exact pe Victor ce ii place, cum sa il motiveze si mai ales cum sa se simta bine pe partie. Se inteleg perfect, Victor e foarte entuziasmat de ski si nu vrea sa mai plece de pe partie acasa. De fapt se inteleg atat de bine incat cam ajungem cam la fiecare 2 saptamani in Poiana si de fiecare data ne intoarcem la Horatiu si R&J.
Si sotia a fost prinsa de entuziasm si impreuna cu Roxana a luat primele lectii de schi si a fost asa de fain ca a prins si ea microbul.

Noi am avut parte de o experienta grozava cu ei, nu pot decat sa ii recomand cu mare entuziasm (desi as vrea sa ii tin secret, ca se aglomereaza 🙂


Prima experienta cu snowboard’ul.
Personal amabil, profesionist. Servicii de calitate.
Multumesc lui Edi pentru lectii, rabdare si incurajare.

The three of us London

Alex is the best instructor ever!
We had just 3 hours of lessons which after we just skied by ourselves.
His pations and experience are just what you need to learn to ski.
We reccomend warmely.

Eugen H

Great instructors, you won’t leave without learning to ski, very proffessional service.Highly recommended.We’ll definetly come again. Eugen

Cosma Catalin

Apreciez profesionalismul si dedicatia de care dau dovadă monitorii de ski de la R&J SKI SCHOOL. Băiatul meu de 14 ani a invatat să schieze in 4 zile, datorită profesorilor Ilka si Andrei, cărora le multumim foarte mult. Cei doi l-au susținut și i-au dat curaj pentru practicarea acestui sport. Mi-au inspirat incredere de la prima vedere, asa incat am avut o mare siguranta in a-mi lasa copilul sa schieze pe pârtiile din Poiana Brașov. Am rămas cu amintiri frumoase din vacanta de iarna,datorită celor de la R&J SKI SCHOOL.

Cosmin Boaca

Ski monitor: Dan Vieru

Overall really great experience. I would definitely recomend Dan to others.

Dan is an awesome teacher. He is a really nice person and he was constantly encouraging me in everything I was doing while also pushing my limits, such that I can learn more.

I have done 3 days of lessons with him. In the first day I was terrified about skiing and Dan had shown a very high level of patience and professionalism in helping me get rid of my fear and teach me basics. At the end of the second day we did our first descent of the Drumul Rosu slope and at the end of the 3rd day we did the drumul rosu descent twice within ~1 hour which I considered a great pace for a beginner like me.

As a plus, mr. Janin also offered to store the ski equipped of my girlfriend such that we wouldn’t need to carry it from Brasov. Also, the transportation service to the slope and back that they offered was great.

parintii "Gemenilor&quo România

Suntem foarte multumiti de echipa R&J Ski School. Baietii nostri (9 ani)au invatat sa schieze int-un timp extraordinar de scurt si au ajuns sa iubeasca acest sport datorita dedicarii, modului de relationare cu copiii si profesionalismului acestei echipe.
Recomandam cu toata increderea scoala de ski R&J si multumim monitorilor Dan, Andreea si Andrei. Abia asteptam sa ne revedem.

Niki Ginzburg

Eddy is the best instructor that i had in the past 10 years of my sking, a very funny and good instructor i learn so much from him abuot sking and even other stuff.
The srvice of the club is wonderful, its fast and good.
I realy recommend to take lessons and all the ski equipment.

Corina & Florin

O experienta foarte placuta, o echipa de profesionisti ce furnizeaza servicii de calitate.Am fost super multumiti si incantati de instructorii Dan si Edi, pe care ii recomandam cu incredere.

Gabriel Georgescu

O echipa de profesioniști desăvârșiți care te introduc cu pasiune in tainele schiului. Roxana și Janin au adus lângă ei oameni deosebiți care cu răbdare și pricepere te fac sa iubești schiul. Băiatul meu de 7 ani face deja senzație pa pârtie datorită lor. Multumesc.


Super echipa, super echipamente. Fiul meu a fost foare incantat de lectiile de schi. Va multumim

Ana Morris

Great fun, quality equipment and professional instructors!
Me and my 4 year old boy started our first skiing lessons with Horia and after only 1 session I’ve managed to ski down the mountain and my son was confident enough to ski on the begginers slope.
Horia is an amazing instructor and had lot of patience. Will definitely come back next year.

Trine L

My 14yo and myself wanted to try out snowboarding for the first time, and we got Edi as an instructor with R&J Ski School. The team is so welcoming, the equipment great, all of them speak English (except the driver, but we managed anyway) and Edi is very very patient and caring and a great teacher! We managed to sort of snowboard, got in all the basics, had a lot of fun doing it. Got a few bruises but that was worth it! 😀 Hope to be back next season!


O experiența perfecta , doua fetițe super fericite .
Recomand instructorii Andrei și Andreea , ambii au un talent de a se mula după copil si un talent enorm pentru a-i motiva . Amândouă fetele au fost super incantate și abia așteaptă sa se întoarcă .
Logistica școlii este ireprosabila , comunicarea și interesul ireproșabil


Andrei is a great ski instructor. We got a very good technique thanks to his patience and insistance. Andrei is also competing in national giant slalom. Can only advise him and the team

Andrea Goron

Prima mea experiența cu placa , a început cu instructorul Edi
Pot doar sa ii mulțumesc pentru răbdare si încrederea pe care mi-a transmis-o pe tot parcursul orelor
Il recomand cu mare drag si cu încredere , pot spune ca sunteți pe mâini bune cu Edi

Popa Costina

Ce sa spun …nu știam sa schiez și am vrut sa încerc !faptul ca am ales R&J a fost o alegere foarte buna ! Personalul este foarte pregătit , educat și nu m-am simțit in pericol nici măcar o clipa ! Am avut noroc sa am un instructor foarte bun îl recomand cu toată inima Edi este numărul 1! Am fost foarte mulțumită și sigur am sa îi aleg și data viitoare !!

Andrei Vasile

Great team. Recommend the instructor Dan he is simply the best.

Chiriches F.

Experienta, rapiditate, servicii de calitate, personal suficient, binevoitor, saritor si serviabil.
Oferta bogata de echipamente de toate felurile plus transfer rapid cu autovehicul de la sediu, la pârtii si înapoi.
Au multi instructori de ski, noi am apelat la dl Dan Vieru , care sa ocupat de cei doi copii ce nu doar ca nu mai pusesera skiurile in picioare dar chiar aveau o oarecare retinere in a face acest lucru.
Domnul Dan Vieru a reusit cu brio in numai 2 ore ca sa-i invete ca sa coboare de cca 10 ori partia si a dat dovada de calm extrem, dedicare, ia invatat prin noaca, a cantat impreuna cu ei in timp ce-i invata ca sa skieze, pentru a le trece teama si a le creea o imagine de distracrie si placere in a skia
Rezultatul? Baiatul de 7 ani urca singur cu teleskiul si coboara singur . Fetita de 5 ani urca cu teleskiul cu ajutor dar coboara singura. Amandoi stiu sa execute viraje si sa se opreasca.
Asta in numai 2 ore.
Deci… Multumim domnului Dan Vieru.
Acum cei care vreti ca sa invatati ca sa skiati aveti si un nume de care sa intrebati. Eu vi-l recomand cu drag.

Chiriches Florian

Experienta, rapiditate, servicii de calitate, personal suficient, binevoitor, saritor si serviabil.
Oferta bogata de echipamente de toate felurile plus transfer rapid cu autovehicul de la sediu, la pârtii si înapoi.
Au multi instructori de ski, noi am apelat la dl Dan Vieru , care sa ocupat de cei doi copii ce nu doar ca nu mai pusesera skiurile in picioare dar chiar aveau o oarecare retinere in a face acest lucru.
Domnul Dan Vieru a reusit cu brio in numai 2 ore ca sa-i invete ca sa coboare de cca 10 ori partia si a dat dovada de calm extrem, dedicare, ia invatat prin noaca, a cantat impreuna cu ei in timp ce-i invata ca sa skieze, pentru a le trece teama si a le creea o imagine de distracrie si placere in a skia
Rezultatul? Baiatul de 7 ani urca singur cu teleskiul si coboara singur . Fetita de 5 ani urca cu teleskiul cu ajutor dar coboara singura. Amandoi stiu sa execute viraje si sa se opreasca.
Asta in numai 2 ore.
Deci… Multumim domnului Dan Vieru.
Acum cei care vreti ca sa invatati ca sa skiati aveti si un nume de care sa intrebati. Eu vi-l recomand cu drag.


Amazing experience! I received quality ski equipment and I had the best instructor ever. Dan is very passionate about skiing and teaching. He seeks to have results from first lessons and I tried amazing things even as a beginner. Thank you very much for everything! Looking forward to come back and keep learning.

איתי סלצקי

ממליצים מאוד. לקחנו 4 ימים של לימוד סנואובורד. מדריך מקצועי. הבעלים מקסימים וכל הצוות מדהים . נהננו ונשמח לחזור

Bogdan Grosu

Cea mai buna scoala de ski la care am fost! Fiica mea de 5 ani s-a simtit super si a facut progres remarcabil doar in 3 zile. In plus, cel mai important sesiunile au fost mai mult o oportunitate de distractie decat lectii pentru ea. Noi am fost pana acum in Austria la ski dar dupa experienta cu R&J Ski School ne-am hotarat sa venim in Poiana. Recomand cu mare incredere!!!

Ammar Salou

Echimpamente foarte bune.
Am facut 4 ore de ski cu Dan si ne am simtit supper bine si am invatat multe!
Recomand cu incredere.
Ne mai vedem sigur!

Albert Vasvari

Albert Vasvari (10years): I loved skiing in Romania!! The instructors are really impressive and nice and it is amazing when you know how to ski down the slope after just 3 lessons!!! My instructors (Janin and Bogdan) were always encouraging and corrected my mistakes! Overall I loved the experience and would recommend this to anyone!!!!

Nicole Liesegang

Very friendly and professional ski school. Very good price-performance ratio compared to other ski school in this area. We looking forward to came back to this lovely place.

Maou Vaiser

הגענו זוג צעיר בשנות ה30 ללמוד סנואובורד.פעם ראשונה בחיינו. אדי האלוף היה המדריך שלנו. מקצוען ומקצועי עם המון המון סבלנות,תמיד עם חיוך, וגישה מדהימה!, ממש חבר.
נהננו מהשיעורים איתו כלכך. ג’נין, רוקסאנה וכל אנשי צוות בית הספר מקסים, סבלנים, תמיד עם חיוך פשוט תענוג גדול להיות להם לקוחות.
כבר מהארץ יצרנו קשר עם רוסאנה במייל ותיאמנו איתה ציפיות, את הימים השעות והפן הכספי.הכל עם אמינות מוחלטת..
תודה רבה רבה! נהננו מהלמידה, מהחוויה.
ממליצים בחום להגיע וללמוד אצלם
ונשמח לחזור שוב ❤❤❤

.R&J SKI SCHOOL,Thank you so so much
We had such an unforgettable snowboard vacation.
Edi , our instractor, was a Professional, patient guide. With big smile, incredible attitude.
We enjoied alot!!
We got intouch with Roxana by mail a mounth befor the vacation and she
explaind us everything and answer every question.
Thank you Janin; Roxana ,Edi and all ski school team

We realy recomend!!
And would love to come back again
Maor and Itai

Ilan Alter

Great school.
we had a lots of fun.
thank you Roxsana.

Iulia Oniciuc

Echipamente bune și staff-ul foarte prietenos! Un mare plus este transportul cu o masina către partia principala!

Dan R

This was an excellent experience and the friendliness and expertise really made it. Any level, just bring a can-do attitude and you’ll love it. Booked again while we were there! Fantastic, bravo Janin, Roxanna and the team!

Balan Emil

Oameni minunați si profesioniști.Le multumesc pentru rabdarea si căldură care au avut-o cu băiatul meu de 8 ani care a pus pentru prima data schiurile în picioare. Va recomand cu toata încrederea. Va mulțumim din suflet și cu siguranță ne mai vedem la schi(Edi te pupa Andrei, abia așteaptă sa te vadă)

Constantin Chirivila

Acest oameni sunt niște profesioniști ! Cunosc și împărtășesc foarte bine modul in care trebuie sa te comporți pe o pârtie de schi ! Au multă răbdare și sunt convins ca toți elevii care le-au trecut pragul,au învățat sa schieze corect ( tehnic) !Ma bucur foarte mult , ca și aici,in România , gasim oameni pe care sa ne bazam .BRAVO LOR ! Recomand.

Vlaicu Florin

Vreau să va mulţumesc pentru orele facute cu dumneavoastra. Cu siguranta ne vom revedea.
Instructorii au foarte multa răbdare, sunt foarte calzi și drăguți.
Recomand cu incredere celor care vor sa se initieze in tainele ski-ului!

Inessa Narkevich

Really an incredible experience !!! Our instructor Edi was great and professional, we learned a lot of skiing and stopping techniques. Thanks to Edi !

Ispas Carmen

Prima lectie de schi a piticului nostru de 3 ani a decurs perfect! Oameni sunt profesionisti, au echipament de calitate si super experienta cu copiii. Recomand!!!

Sighisorean Ciprian

Îi recomand cu încredere. Au foarte multa răbdare, sunt foarte calzi și drăguți. Va mulțumim din suflet pentru tot.


Unforgettable trip
Had the best time ever on our trip here.From the minute we arrived the whole team made us feel so welcome. Learned so much from Eddie the best ski instructor ever would defo recommend this ski school thanks so much to Eddie and Roxy for the best trip ever

Nora. S

Had the best time for our first ski trip. The whole team were so helpful and friendly. They carried our stuff and helped us with everything. Even though conditions weren’t great and Poiana was quiet as it was start of season, they were so enthusiastic and nice that we still loved it! Would recommend to all ages, levels, and groups. Thank you Roxy, Eddy, Janin and co

Moshe Arad

One of the most enjoyable vacations we had and much thanks to Roxanna. I was surprised to see how my two daughters after four hours of study skiing independently.
Thanks Roxanna

Iulian Diaconu

Recomad aceasta scoala de ski. Super oameni.
Radu, instructorul nostru, a dat dovada de multa rabdare si perseverenta in a ne invata sa schiem.
Multumim pentru lectii. Au meritat toti banii.


Good job guys! Va multumesc pentru experienta faina de weekendul trecut! Am fost placut surprinsa sa vad cat am reusit sa invat in doar doua sedinte cu Horatiu/Ilka. Keep up the good work! PS: Big like pentru atitudine!:)

Massimo Bonsi

I was looking for a race ski to rent and I found R&J which answered very quickly to my email.
I had a very good pair of volkl ovo perfectly prepared and almost new.
I appreciated the high professionality of the team and the nice way they helped me. They also offered a free transfer from the shop to slopes and back.
I warmly reccommend.


Best scool in romania very kinde and profeshonal and with alot af piation we will be back


Recomand cu încredere aceasta școala minunata cu un personal profesional și oameni foarte călduroși! 🙂 Anul acesta am fost prima data pe ski, cu ajutorul lui Andrei, cel mai tare instructor ever, m-am îndrăgostit de acest sport, și nu am răbdare sa continui sa exersez!!!
Multă bafta!!! Faceți o treaba excepțională!


Fetita noastra a inceput sa schieze anul trecut, la 6 ani, cu Ioana.
Anul acesta a continuat cu Andrei.
In a 3-a zi a reusit sa coboare fara probleme partia Drumul Rosu 🙂
Le multumim amandurora pentru grija, rabdare si entuziasmul pe care au reusit sa-l transmita Sofiei.
Ne revedem la anul!


Recomand cu multa caldura aceasta scoala de ski. Dupa doar doua ore cu domnul instructor Attila Salai, am ajuns sa schiez pe partia de dificultate medie din Poiana.Este un pedagog desavarsit, cu foarte multa rabdare,tehnica exceptionala, zambete si voie buna!A fost o experienta deosebita in urma careia mi-am infrant teama de inaltime!


Hi . This was our first time in Romania skiing. It was made even better due the professionalism of all at R & J Ski school. Our instructor for the whole time HORATIU was absolutely fantastic. He was superb and was extremely patient with us. He was understanding and accommodate to all our needs. We immediately built up a fantastic bond. So good that we are already thing about returning next year..! Not only did we have fun and lots of it but are much better skiers. Snowboarding next year HORATIU for a while new challenge. Would recommend R & J ski school to anyone visiting Romania. Thanks you so much.. xx

Bill Bradley

I have just finished 5 days of instruction with Janin from R&J Ski School. I am 64 years old and have never skied before. Is 64 too old to learn – absolutely not. Sure, it is hard work. Sure, it is sometimes scary. Sure, your muscles ache at the end of a session. But the instructors at R&J are all absolutely fantastic. A really good, caring and friendly group of people. I started knowing nothing and ended learning a huge amount and today, my last day, all that learning came together to give me my most enjoyable day of the week. I don’t know how much I am going to ski in my life, but I am sure that this is not going to be the last time and whether I come back to Poiana Brasov or try a ski resort somewhere else, everything I have learned from Janin this week will be with me and will make it possible to enjoy skiing in the future. Many thanks to Janin and to all the staff at R&J for making my week so enjoyable.


Am petrecut cateva zile la Poiana Brasov cu dorinta de a fi langa copii mei, Radu de 13 ani si Maria de 11 ani, in prima lor aventura pe schiuri. Copii au fost extrem de incantati de Andrei si Ioana, instructori deosebiti , care au reusit intr-un termen foarte scurt sa le transmita increderea si tehnica necesara pentru a aborda chiar si unele trasee mai dificile.
Recunosc ca asteptarile mele in aceasta privinta au fost depasite, motiv pentru care recomand oricarui sa apeleze cu incredere la Andrei si Ioana precum si la toate serviciile oferite de R&J Ski School.
Ma bucur ca v-am cunoscut, va multumesc pentru implicare, in mod sigur o sa ne revedem foarte curand pentru a perfectiona.

Adina Constantinescu

Este al doilea an cand colaboram cu R&J SKI SCOOL-Poiana Brasov…in ceea ce ma priveste,am fost f. multumita si anul trecut,de aceea anul acesta tot la ei am apelat.Am 2 copii si ii multumesc mult de tot monitoarei,Ilka,un om extraordinar si cu sufletul alaturi de copii…ai mei au indragit-o din prima clipa,progresele lor s-au vazut inca de anul trecut.Discutiile initiale le-am purtat telefonic cu Roxana,extrem de amabila si saritoare,tot de la ei am inchiriat echipamentul de ski,cei din receptie,gata sa te ajute in orice moment,mi-a placut ca de anul acesta au si transport la partie,Ovidiu-soferul,tare simpatic si comunicativ cu copilasii….
Mi-a placut totul,R&J SKI SCOOL!!!!Sunteti tare cumsecade si apreciez serviciile voastre!!!Spor in tot ce faceti si la cat mai multi cursanti multumiti ca noi,asa va dorim!!!!!
Cu siguranta ne vom revedea!!!!!

Aimée Nottingham

I took the very first ski lesson of my life with Radu at the end of January. I’m 24 years old, and have never been confident on slippery surfaces (painful ice skating memories) so I was not the most reassured. Radu was very patient, made sure I had understood all the basics and constantly gave me tips to continue to improve as I started to grasp more and more things. He was also very positive, which was great when I started to feel frustrated. It was the best introduction to skiing I could have wished for, and I made more progress than I could have ever expected. I look forward to improving further and returning to the slopes next year! Thank you Radu!


Intamplator am gasit aceasta scoala de ski si ma bucur ca am descoperit niste oameni minunati, amabili si nu in ultimul rand pofesionisti. Am luat primele mele ore de ski cu Andrei si a fost extraordinar, un instructor de nota 10 care a facut ca totul sa para simplu si sa incep sa ma indragostesc de acest sport. Echipamentele inchiriate au fost super ok(am putut sa compar cu cele ibchiriate de la baza partiilor deoarece am avut in grup prietenii care au ales sa inchirieze din alta parte). O scoala de ski “jos palaria”, vi recomand cu caldura.

Multumesc R&J Scoala de Ski!

Oana Tomescu

Buna seara!

Mi se pare civilizat, util si placut sa va transmit parerea noastra dupa cele 4 zile petrecute de fiul nostru la ski alaturi de Horia.

Suntem foarte multumiti, ati intuit bine ca Horia este potrivit pentru a-i fi instructor lui Matei, s-au inteles foarte bine iar noua, parintii-spectatori, ne-a placut la fel de mult de Horia si treaba pe care a facut-o cu Matei.

Felicitari si va multumim!

P.S. Sper sa reusim sa revenim, macar pentru 1 zi de ski in weekend…

Toate cele bune!

Alina & Dragos

Noi am apelat la serviciile R&J Ski School pentru baietelul nostru, Alex (8 ani). In cele 4 zile in care a petrecut cateva ore in compania instructorului Andrei, Alex si-a imbunatatit foarte mult tehnica de schiat si, cel mai important, a fost incantat, a schiat cu placere, iar acum abia asteapta sa revina la ski. Ii multumim lui Andrei si intregii echipe pentru profesionalism si implicare!

Catherine O Flaherty

This is an amazing Ski School..Janin and all his staff make you feel welcome from the start. I was a very nervous complete beginner and Ilka my instructor was wonderful..kind funny patient wonderful instructor..Ovi the driver of the car also was very encouraging and I would really recommend R&J Ski School to everyone

Roxana Dumitrescu

Multumesc foarte mult! Ati depasit toate asteptarile! Pt Alex 2.9 ani, Antonia 4 ani si Stefi 5 ani a fost prima interactiune cu skiurile si nu ne-am asteptat sa se distreze atat de bine si sa inceapa sa invete atat de repede. Radu, esti cel mai bun instructor pentru copii, multumim mult!


Learned to ski here in January, and had the best time , the staff were brilliant, cud not fault it one bit, will defo be coming back, thanks again , Darren from Ireland , shout out to steph